I have recently picked up a keen interest and allure for the demon Belial, whom i believe E A said he worked with in the Book of Azazel, so im curious to hear anyones experience with him. I am in the process of obtaining my copy of Mark Alan Smith’s ‘The Scorpion God: Forbidden Wisdom of Belial’, and in his interview on witchtalk regarding the new tome he stated that what the Mayan’s picked up on in their prophecy for Dec 22 2012 was the end of the old aeon and the beginning of a new one, and that he recently performed a ritual to unleash the four demonic princes which stand at the four corners of the earth (the equivilant to crosstianity’s four horseman of the apocalypse) which is interesting after reading the following passage out of Liber Azerate: “
Belial - The Lord northern throne. Belial is the bloodiest and most feared of all the dark lords and it is written that it is he who in the final war (ie Day of Wrath) will lead the anti-cosmic legions to the total victory that will dissolve the cosmos to black ash. Belial is the destroyer god who incites war among kings, and spread hatred, fear and death among the poor yet gives the strong, who carry the internal chaos flame, power, victory in battle, and protection against stagnancy of bright and astringent energies. Belial is the unknown god of violence, wars and bloody revolutions, animating the evolution that leads creation back to the chaos that it originates from. Belial is also Noxifer who brings darkness to the blind who are not enlightened by Lucifer’s light and have submitted to the Demiurge cosmic tyranny. Belial is also the ruler of the northern chaos tower whose port as it appears esoterically in the satanic tradition is in “Winter Solstice”, 22 December…”

I’ve also taken interest in Belial lately…follow up and let us know the book is. I’ve been wanting to read Smith’s work, he seems terribly interesting in his interviews.

From LaVey’s Bible, again reffered to as one of the four crown princes and Lord of the north: " THE FOUR CROWN PRINCES OF HELL SATAN—(Hebrew) adversary, opposite, accuser, Lord of fire, the inferno, the south LUCIFER—(Roman) bringer of light, enlightenment, the air, the morning star, the east BELIAL—(Hebrew) without a master, baseness of the earth, independence, the north LEVIATHAN—(Hebrew) the serpent out of the deeps, the sea, the west

A review of Smith’s work:

For the last year I was ‘contacting’ Belial and AZAZEL via sigil and vision-shifting both individually and together (I’d often go walking at night, and stop at one of a few places where there is some grass off side of road or even a stream: and peer into that place while opening contact with one name and then the other- and sense a column sort of space solidify as if beings were there- each has a very distinct feeling… not always arose, but I found A and B are quite distinct feeling from each other, as well as from other Entities

(When My Complete Works Tome arrived I’ve contacted from KoFs and BoA entities- which have different tones-flavor… so interesting how recognizable)
In the last week or so, I finally began working (actually seems it must be longer ago than that- hmm not sure how long) but I started working with Amaymon and Abbaddon (woah just typing those names brought on a sense- that didn’t happen while I wrote above post… those 2 have a quite different feel from A & B (and if all 4 together… interesting space: but I haven’t done the full phy-evocation… ea of the 4 (in those 2 pairs- so the first pair is solidly stable, and then the 2nd pair (3rd&4th: then within that contact…try and tune in to each… (a changed sense of each vs one or more individually as if 4 completes a Tetra-hedron- sphere resonance)
Anyway- in that “place” tuning into Be-lial gives 3 different impressions (like one from “a distance” another if more directly Contacting, and a third is sortof like sensing the state that that Entity is coming-from (empathically)… as my exper

warning doing such above- even if you are used to flashing your system with foreign-type energy, as well as functioning while “tuned-in to other stations” ie not distinct in circle, etc. but open-contact… while doing that if you write forum-posts it can indicate slightly flowing-state of mind

(if in public: people walking by seem to either cringe from/frown at, or else by really big smilling at me… weird: and crows and ravens follow stare at (can feel their gaze like IR heat-lamps) and even swoop over my head. So even if seem together seems the vibs radiate… but even as I sort-of not-really focus know I sense contact like that, vs doing it deliberately earlier today- seems stronger now, even just compared to earlier (let alone compared to last week)
<<just in terms of my current exper along these lines- in that mode of contact- with Demon-King B being one of them (4 gatekeepers as my above from BoA, from EA, vs the slightly different 4 in Serell’s posts (from LaVey… just distinction)

Just got the book this morning…I’ll post more on the content later…

Alright, this book is absolutely fantastic. It revolves quite heavily around soul travel work in journeying to the Atlantean realms, so I’ll at least need to master AP before I can begin any pathworking, but just reading the beginning chapters I am highly impressed. Each book is consecrated, and I was privelaged enough to have mine signed to me personally with a private note from the author (Smith is super cool by the way). I can also tell that I’ll need to master evocation and study some Kliffoth material as well. Overall, this is a work for the black adept, not just some pretty spellbook. It’s full of real alchemical trials and ordeals and real spiritual ascent under Belial’s guidance…

How much does it rely on knowledge and experience from his two previous books? I was always under the impression that you had to work through them chronologically, and since the first two are sold out I never really considered getting The Scorpion God even though it does interest me.

PyreOD: pretty easy to find pdfs of the first two, and buy the last one. if you end up not being into it, his books seem to have great resale value.

You pretty much do need to start from the first book, they aren’t three independent grimoires, but three parts of a whole.

Stick with the Book of Azazel for now would be my recommendation, some of the newer people on here want to jump to the next book just because they read one of EA’s books without ever fully or even partially working through any of it. The Scorpion God requires work through the first two, and even the first rituals in the first book require the ability of the 3 Godlike Powers (divination, evocation and soul travel) before you even begin. Start with these first. Be patient in your work. I’d focus on the Mastering Divination program first and then the Mastering Evocation, then in the mean time include the Book of Azazel, eventually moving into soul travel. From there the sky is the limit and you can do as you choose. But my two cents is to learn the essentials before leaping into advanced things without experience and the true education that comes from it. You can’t read experience, you have to live it.

Yeah thats definately the best option, I’ttl be awhile before I can use Smith’s books.

On a slight tangent to Smith’s work, it looks like Temple of Ascending Flame will be publishing their first book very shortly.

If it’s anything like his The Red King, a tome purporting to be about “Lucifer” which is actually nothing but some sort of Wiccan treatise on its male “deity” the “Horned God”, it’s a load of invented neopagan horseshit that has nothing to do with the actual demon Belial. I’m sure it ‘works’, but then so does evoking the dark lord Sauron, praying to a Garfield altar, or believing the Ars Goetia uis a list of ancient astronauts, thanks to the power of the human spirit. But that is not Belial’s power. Have fun playing with thoughtforms.

Reducing Mark Alan Smith’s work to thought forms severely limits what to me appears as clear gnosis.
I acquired “The Scorpion God” not realising it was third in a trilogy (go figure, when I reread the website after receiving the book it was very clear and yet I some how missed that?). I was then able to obtain “Queen of Hell” and “The Red King” with in 1 week for less than their retail prices based on nothing more than a slight interest in completing the set.
Since then I have been nothing short of harassed by Hekate.

Yeah, I wouldn’t quite say Ive been harrassed, but it seems like in every book I opened the sigil or name of Belial kept jumping out to me and I felt a strange (almost disturbing) energy both in and around me which made it difficult to sleep, so I tried a meditation Kitari reccommended to me on another thread until I felt my mind had been cleared and I began seeing random flashes of ‘demonic’ faces, which Im not sure were my own unconscious projections or actual undeveloped communication…

@Serell: Have you gotten the divination program yet? It’ll help you brush up on your spirit communication skills so you can take away more useful things from experiences like that or at the very least be able to tell the difference between your unconscious thoughts and spiritual communications.

Also try working with Belials sigil since he seems to keep popping out at you there might be something helpful he can bring to the table.

It’s easy to think that to some degree. He gets shit done and he’s got no bones about telling people like it is. I think that’s why I’ve come to like this demon so much. I can’t bring myself to put him on a pedestal or anything like that but I do admire the qualities he represents and his no holds barred approach in communication.

Belail is an interesting character I have summoned on multiple occasions. he seems to be a bit of a trickster and loves to show visions of horror like movies played out in front of my active imagination. I’m sure that this demon is everybody’s vile wicked as these genius authors who write grimoires make him out to be. he was most helpful once I requested him to aid me in my ascent. I also task the demon to help me with in my social intrusion. As a musician this has led me into shaking hands with multiple millionaires and billionaires. also got me a gig playing with a former US Senate candidate who is very influential in the Urban Arts District I perform in doubt Dallas. the interesting rather downside of working Belial is that he always shows a horror story and in my innervision, and the glass jar candle left it in his quadrant always seems to shatter at the most coincidental time of calling the name Belial.


Belial was always subtle with me but he always managed to get under my skin. I never got a horror story out of him but he always points out my flaws with microscopic precision. He just had a way of making remarks that probably didn’t mean anything at all but still left me with an unsettling feeling that they did. But when put to a task he delivers in ways that still astound me looking back on what he’s done when I called him.