Belial within the DOM framework

I’ve spent a lot of time being an “armchair occultist” and I guess now I reached the point where I actually want to start working. My psychic abilities are just awakening and the most I can do is sense spirits and sometimes, feel them talking however it gets lost mostly due to the thoughts of my ego.

I’ve been checking into Demons of magick and I’ve been thinking of using it. But I’m a bit confused as there are god names used. I’ve been planning to work with Belial and I’ve seen a couple of people point out that he’ll be really pissed if he isn’t respected.

I was wondering if anyone here worked with Belial in the DOM framework?
Or what do you think are some good ways to start working?


I’m wondering this too in 2023

belial is a pretty powerful spirit, its basic logic, you don’t mess with the mayor because he can throw you in the jail, you don’t with belial because he can burn your house, but he is pretty nice if you are nice with him. he is also a fair spirit so if you did something wrong and haven’t learn he will teach you.
anyway thats just my personal experience.

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