Belial, Wars, Kundalini


As you all know, Belial is not a fluffy bunny, and beside of that, he is a king of war, so i asked some questions about what was going on in this world concerning war and everything it implies under his domain and reign,
and i said to him: sure you have a apetit for destruction and war, what can you tell me about that?

What i had as answers was it:
That destruction coming from him, has more to do with destruction and war against what is not need anymore, against things that you don’t need anymore, to show you how to let go, etc

Then i asked him: "so why so many wars in this world, knowing you are one of the rulers of this earth?
he used Kundalini as analogy:
Do you remember your studies about Kundalini? i said yeas,

Kundalini is a energy that magnifies everything on you and around you, this is why in the past before internet, a human need more than now, a master to be physically around, because they couldn’t know what was happening in their body and energy

I am like Kundalini, in my passage i destroy anything that is hindering a human ascent ,but humans didn’t understood it, an went into war,because of the contradictory feelings they hide in their hearts!
They didn’t’ understood all of the jealousy and hatred i made arise in their hearts, was for them to work over it, erase it and past over it!
Like the kundalini energy, i magnifies everything inside you humans, but most of you couldn’t deal with that. This is how physical wars have begun!

Me: but could you prevent men in going in to wars , you are so powerful you can do that!
He said: No, i am not someone against free will, this is how we create a society free for thinking and acting freely, if i would do something about that, i would be like any troll god, i prefer to wait, soon or later humans will understand my true message, and how to go in a true war against true problems, to make you all know what truly matters!

Me: but wait, what if someone dosen’t wants spiritual ascent, someone who just wants money, for example?

Him: nobody needs to going in a physical war to get my help to have money, and the desire for ascent is not need for that, it is a human right to have money, prosperity and a decent life here!

After that, that was a silence, and he left me…
It was just some food for thought i wanted to share with you all!


Thank you very much for sharing.

Belial is very much about free will and a person’s worth to themselves. He told me last week that people usually overthink things and get too conserned with contradictions related to the desired outcome. Sometimes the only good reason to do something is to prove to yourself that you can do it. That it was a learning and/or growth experience.

You hear all the law of attraction stuff and it sounds cheesy but its true. If your view of your own self worth is low how do you expect to achieve wealth. So many ask Belial for money but they have a self defeating attitude. They doubt his power or get upset with him when nothing happens. You have to give him something to work with. He needs room in your life to work. You have to be willing to accept that change might be a part of what needs to happen to get what you want.

Example Belial found me a good job.I decided I would just trust him and let him work. I got stomach flu and missed too many days and got fired. I was angry like why did you get me this job for me to lose it. He said its not my fault you have a weak body and got sick.

Then a manager called me and asked me if I wanted my job back. I have to wait two weeks to restart but the point of my story is I don’t know what could happen in those two weeks i’m waiting. And i’ve learned a lot about myself, my husband appreciates me more because he was left with the housework while I was gone. The manager that called said I was missed and a good employee they didn’t want to lose.

So looking back i now realize my worth to myself and other people. Knowing that I can better manipulate people and situations around me at work. I have a chance to start over this time.


Thanks for sharing Sophia, beautifully said!^^

That is a truth for me, in my own opinion and experiences, that belail can increase incoming and greatly help with money,
When i have begin to ask for his help, me too got angry because he was not helping me with what i asked,
just to discover, that he was helping me with personal emotional problems miles way from my request,
but it worth it: all like you, he made me see how much i worth as a human being, probably not for outsiders, but now i worth for me, for myself, and our own opinion of ourselves changes the perception in how the world see us…and we can see in the eye of others the good changes we worked so hard to achieve!
Once he finished with it, money was granted for me, i am not rich now, but i don’t need to worry so much anymore!

Do the “inner war that matters” fight the “good fight”!