Belial visiting my son

so my son turns 11 is less than a month and I decided to have a very brief talk with him about my faith. We discussed for about 30 mins and from question to question we ended up discussing King Paimon who I consider my patron. I explained to him how he appears to me, typically old but muscular guy with a heavy royal coat and a golden crown, and showed him his sigil.

The next morning he told me he dreamed about King Paimon, I thought nothing of it as obviously our discussion influenced him. However, he described him a guy about my age with pale white skin wearing a very thin golden or silver robe, looking like a king.

He has followed my 2 other spirits but my son wasn’t sure as he could only see their heads behind “Paimons”. I thought ok, probably our discussion influenced him and if not, well King Paimon can appear differently to everyone. Later in the day, he googled King Paimons sigil and he told me the sigil he saw was a bit different but since it was already noon he forgot the details but made a rough drawing…

OHHH boy…this was UNMISTAKENLY Belials sigil, the top the sides, and the bottom was identical. Thing is, he couldn’t possibly have seen Belials sigil before and even he insisted it was King Paimon as he felt that way, whatever that means. The problem is I asked him if the spirit said anything to him and he replied negatively, so I requested he informed me in case he has another cream of this kind. My son asked me: “What shall I do I he specifically asks me not to tell you?”

Is it likely, basis the above, that Belial indeed visited an 11-year-old son of a Luciferian, and if yes should I worry? Apologies to any of his followers but I have always stayed away from Belial as I considered him “tricky” and I am using this word in order to avoid potentially offending him.

oddly, his music taste switched from Hip Hop to Black metal whin the day…I don’t think this is related but it’s definitely odd.


I don’t think so, but I’d keep an eye out for your son just in case. Maybe get in touch with Belial?


yo Belial aint never hurt me personally, and i dont think he will hurt your son, but its kinda funny to how a self proclaimed Luciferian is worried that things like these are happening to his son, umm…its not a walk in the park sometimes bruh, and Belial is if im not mistaken, the one that came right after Lucifer, in their “fall”

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Had that being me I 'd be delighted. To be honest I am more excited than worried. I mean what are the odds of that…


Belial will take care of your son. Don’t worry. It is basically out of your control at this point. The communication has been made.


Since your child is aware then the responsible thing is to teach him how to protect himself and hold his ground! A known spirit can be well behaved and helpful, but occasionally a parasite might show up! Better safe than sorry!


There is a reason for everything.

If my mother knew about my practice, I am very certain she’d disapprove of the connection I’ve been developing with Glasya-Labolas of all spirits.

If King Belial appeared to my child, I would also be concerned and worried that she couldn’t handle whatever he had planned for her.

Your worries are absolutely valid. This is your child, and this is King Belial, the spirit you specifically avoided working with. And you know, he could very well turn your son’s life upside down. He could very well put your son through some trials and tribulations that you’d prefer he not endure.

But he came to your son. Your son didn’t summon him. He came without being called, and that means something.

I could be wrong, but my guess is that King Belial is going to take your son under his wing, is going to teach him new things and new ways of thinking, and is going to challenge him to become the best person he can possibly be. And I’d wager that nothing terrible will happen to your son beyond typical growing pains, because King Belial chose him and has a reason for that, and isn’t going to let anything terrible happen to him. He might throw him in the river to teach him how to swim, but he isn’t going to let him drown.

Your son will be just fine.

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Not necessarily, they’re still a child and their child so it’s still within their control if they want Belial to remain in their child’s life or to return later when their kid is older and more experienced.


Belial is a very ancient, ancient being. He is very wise and spirits know more about you than yourself. Spirits like that would never give you more than you can bear. There’s nothing to be concerned about at all.


I meant it is out of the fathers control. Not the child’s.

That’s what I meant it’s very much still in the father’s control. If an entity reached out to my child I’d make sure they were prepared so if they choose to later down the line to call on that entity than sure but while they’re still a child that entity would not be allowed to.

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That’s thinking rationally, which is often very much at odds with “thinking like a parent”. :stuck_out_tongue:

If the being can scan/read you yes, but not all spirits know you or about you. Baal knew nothing about me when asked, Lucifer knew very little but Badb knew more than them because my past connections to her. So it really boils down to what you have told those entities, if they can divine it, and possibly past connections. Even these entities have limited knowledge about you and things involving you.

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I am not a parent yet lol

You speak like an infernal ass kisser, concerns can be raised, as you never know what a spirit truly thinks of you unless you get to know them long, you wouldn’t act the same way with humans, why would you with spirits.