"Belial, take the wheel"

So, I’m about to just jump into a deeper end of the pool. I have been having odd thoughts that I believe are Belial telling me things to do/change. The most recent one being letting Belial posses me partially for a few days. I’ve been having odd dreams about me making the people and things I hate/have issues with vanish. Not like killing them, just eliminating the fear/obsession of hating them. And now I feel like Belial wants to correct my life, by making me observe my actions when under his influence, as in him showing me how to be aggressive and get what I want without being afraid to do so. I would like advice if possible, as it seems like this could be good or horrible. If not this, would their be an alternative kind of pact/agreement that could be made to create similar outcomes?

Good Points; Belial has been working alot with me, to the point I have finally gotten to where i am going to begin my first ever Pact Working with him beginning on the next full moon.
i have no doubt, a posession to some degree would be a good thing, and considering some of the delicate issues, like keeping my wife alive and the 24/7 homecare i have to give her, makes figuring out the details pretty hard.
Also- I do not yeild control of my noggin well, in fact I am so far, not hypnotisable, which is in my opinion- disabling to what i want to do.
I will be watching you to see how things go and hope through yu some great learnings can be gained.
Good luck!

In my experience you need to understand what your own values are, what your weaknesses and strengths are (if we’re honest, they’re often two sides of the same aspect - my core intensity can be self-destructive or excellent, depending on how conscious I am of deploying it, and what direction it goes in) and so on.

Things to look for and be completely honest about are situations from, for example, your childhood that you think you “should” be over or be able to cope with now, but in reality, can’t - if you “should” yourself into trying to do things, you’ll risk pushing really hard on things that look simple on paper (or in theory) but then burning out when it becomes too hard.

There are things that sometimes undermine us on such a deep level, by happening in times or situations where we were powerless, that the moment they’re factored into any task that reminds us of them in some way, it becomes like carrying a 40lbs backpack, which most of us could do, only up a 1-in-4 gradient at 40,000 feet - the simplest task becomes harder because the background situation creates its own problems.

We all have baggage and stuff so don’t feel bad, but you need to ID yours, ringfence them as things to either be left alone or led at your pace, and work out what you really don’t have any problems with as well, and that again may not be something your everyday-world self wants to think about too much, you might for example have far less of a conscience in some matters than it suits society to pretend.

If in doubt, put in more limits than less, and then you won’t be under too much pressure and can grow into the person you wish to become whilst not having to struggle to keep up.

I’m not saying you should keep any limitations intact and dance round them like they’re sacred idols, but just make sure you’re not going to end up irrevocably broken by being given more to handle at once than your human psyche can deal with. I’ve seen this happen to people and it’s not good, not a “trial by fire” - more like getting steamrollered (and that wasn’t even with “demons”).

This is my experience anyway, and how I’ve formed pacts that have worked well - don’t worry about what the spirit ought to understand about you or what they can, just get those things down in black and white so there are no mishaps further along the line.

Other people probably have different methods, and I think if you get conflicting ideas posted (and I hope you will) you’ll know from reading them which approach sits best with you. :slight_smile:


So here’s the thing. I went ahead a spoke with Belial on exactly why I was having weird thoughts and dreams, he said he’s been trying to get me to contact him. And so, I began speaking with him more about this idea of him “possessing” me for a while, and he laughed. He said he doesn’t require a full possession, just for me to let his essence into my body and soul for a while. He also said it’s not only just because he wants to help me out, there are other reasons he won’t tell me yet. He had something planned, and I felt wonderful “vibes” from that moment on. So, I accepted the deal we established. Basically saying he can do whatever as long as I can still control myself. The process was weird, but after letting him take control, he suggested a little “celebratory” drinking session. So, I had almost half a bottle of absinthe. Apparently it’s a drink he enjoys a LOT. But, now I feel like I just need to take time to meditate and learn. I will post updates when I have time.

Update! Things have really been going well. I went out with some friends and was beyond extremely confident in everything I did. I was a hit at the bar (kind of a funny little story behind that) and then even afterwards at my friends house I was acting so different in the best kind of way. I also have stopped dreading the future and regretting past choices. I’ve also noticed that at times I literally cannot focus on the future or past, only what needs to be done now. I’ve started caring for myself way more than others (as in not slaving over other people’s issues when I have more important things going on currently). I’ve also developed some serious wisdom about things I didn’t even know anything about. My meditations have become 100 times more successful. Thank you Belial! This chance to work on such a personal level is as humbling as it is empowering.

Whow Erik, sounds really awesome… Certainly is working for Erik here! what else can i say.

One last update: Everything went well, surprisingly. I had a few little hiccups along the ride, mainly consisting of messing up my sleep schedule because I was talking to people or researching stuff. My “6th sense” or whatever you want to call it has become EXTREMELY noticeable. Not overactive, but it’s being born blind and then 30 years later you get cyborg eyes and can see but can’t take everything in yet. I have been drifting into trances at odd times, like when I was playing fetch with my dog the other day I got tunnel vision and then everything cleared up but looked odd. It was like I was seeing things with different eyes, I could see the energy in the grass and trees. I’ve also been feeling things that are weird but good for me, for instance just a few hours ago I literally felt warm because of my dogs loyalty and love for me. It’s also been easy to pick up on other people’s ignorance and nonsensical bitterness. I’ve also grown proud of my heritage and my ancestors’ beliefs/religion. This was just a little update as to what’s happened, and it’s the last as the whole thing has ended. I do however look forward to working with more entities and people here on the forums. G

Belial loves to help his followers. Have you evoked him and spoke to him personally?

You need to be ready for the big guy. I wasn’t, he turned my life into a complete shambles. I mean a shambles, he lets his presence be known alright. On the flipside i got it worked out and I have such praise and admiration for him. Ave Belial

He really doesn’t hold back on letting you know who he is and what he can do. Although, recently I’ve been trying to stay away from people or something like that. I’ve changed a lot since doing this little thing. My senses have become unimaginably strong. It’s honestly slightly annoying, because I feel EVERYTHING around me. I’m learning how to filter it all out, and on occasion use it to my advantage. All the things that used to be small (meditations mainly) have become ways where I can shift my emotions, or venture to the astral realm on command. It’s interesting.

Night before last I was working, and even though I worked really hard on getting as much of Belial and as many of his familiars to posess me as possible; kinda wanting to “stretch my skin” so to speak, i woke up yesturday, and really had a hard time getting my shit togather- in fact I didn’t, i felt as if my head was stuffed with quilt batting, had difficulty focusing my mind, eyes, anything. Took 3 really deep hard naps, and in between felt as if i hadn’t slept in months and could not wait to close my eyes again. my poor wife, On dialysis in the other room yelling for me to do something. i figured I would go into another ritual and try to reset or something.Never made it- fell asleep again- and even though i woke up at 0100 and coulld have got into it; just felt like even Belial wasn’t expecting it so I went to bed. Woke up feeling fine- and with the distinct feeling of "OK, now do you see overstuffing the pillow is not always so ‘constructive’?"
Very interesting little learning event-