Belial’s Lesson in Magickal Endurance

(TLDR at the bottom)

In my workings with Belial, I’ve been using sexual energy and sexual favors for him in general. Since we’ve started working together, I’ve noticed that my sexual activity has become more intense.

On top of being easier to arouse, reaching climax now takes sonewhere from an hour to two hours. And even when I finish, I’m not satisfied until I’ve done it another two or three more times, sometimes with no breaks in between. Orgasms in general are also more intense, especially when chanting Belial’s enn or just calling his name in bed. This is both when we have sex, whenever I’m having sex with another male entity and when I’m masturbating.

So earlier, I’m lying in bed and Belial shows up and already I’m hot and bothered. He demands that I don’t touch myself at all and for him to do all of the work.

He touches my entire body in all the right ways which has me melting (figuratively speaking of course). The longer it went on, the more I wanted him to make me cum. At the same time, I noticed he refused to go further, even slowing down and randomly pausing.

At that point, graphic erotic images are flashing before me. I felt like a man who hadn’t jerked off in weeks. I started begging, but Belial told me that I would orgasm when he saw fit.

After a while of me writhing with agony and him refusing to give into my needs (and clearly enjoying it), he said: “The more you resist, the more intense your results are.”

It took me a moment to realize he wasn’t just talking about sex, but magick in general. As in, resisting the thing you crave most no matter how much you desperately want it makes your results all the more satisfying. It also increases your “endurance” in magick, though he didn’t tell me what he meant by that.

Belial wanted me to share this on the forum in hopes that people will take this lesson to heart.

TLDR - Working with Belial has greatly increased my sex drive and he decided to cockblock me to teach me a lesson in manifestation during rituals in general.


Good to know as im beginning work with him myself.

Good post :grinning:


Have fun and remember to stock up on tissues just in case.

Thank you!


@Prophet very interesting, my congratulations. Just a question, are you a man or a woman?


Thanks, buddy!

I’m a woman.


:rofl: lol yeah he got me begging for it like a cat in heat! Rip… he is helping me lose weight! “When you eat less you feel better” :woman_shrugging:


Can you imagine experiencing the total energy of manifestation needed as flaring like an orgasm from you and not just a little here and there?


Awsome post! I’ve heard that abstaining from sexual activity can be a way to honor a Demon or Spirit. I did this for Samael when he protected me.


:sweat_smile: and how are we supposed to do that when they are the ones that turns us on!


It comes down to a will of steel I guess :joy::joy::joy:.

The pain from preventing yourself from enjoying the pleasure seems to be a way to honor them :3

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:kissing: nope I don’t have that! The only way to turn off the sexual tension for me is to hold some archangel hostage and annoy him just to make sure he still around!

:joy: this is so mean and torture! I don’t get that turned on by the sex ideas that much! But there are some kinks that doesn’t make sense seemed to do it! :expressionless: I don’t think it’s normal but I gave up trying to understand kinks…


I’ve had similar experiences, but no explanation for it. They will tease until it’s painful, but never finish me. Sometimes for weeks until I cave and finish myself. This actually makes a lot of sense.