Belial’s Feynman Diagram

As I was reading about Belial, I noticed something kind of curious (although probably not very practical). Is it just me, or does his sigil look a bit like a Feynman diagram describing some bizarre particle physics?

Interested to hear what you guys think. Also, it’s a bit of a chicken-and-egg question. If this is true, which gave rise to which, Feynman diagrams to Belial’s sigil, or Belial to Richard Feynman’s work?


Holy crap! That is Belial’s sigil (with a few minor differences, of course)

Belial’s sigil is several hundred years older than Richard Feynman so it’s not really a chicken/egg question which came first.


Yes, I based it off of his sigil. The straight lines are fermions, wavy lines are photons, and curly lines are gluons (the mediators of the strong force). It’s just rather striking that I could make a convincing Feynman diagram that resembles his sigil so closely!

I meant it more in a figurative sense. On the one hand, Belial’s sigil and Richard Feynman’s diagrams could both be emergent properties of humans thinking about what lies beyond this world. On the other hand, Belial may be the original inventor of this way of expressing physics and directly inspired Feynman to ‘invent’ this diagrammatic system.

Well a lot of the sigils look like rudimentary electronics circuits…

By the way what’s the source of that image?

This is a diagram describing quantum physics, but yes, I see your point. However, most Goetic sigils couldn’t be drawn as Feynman diagrams. For whatever reason, Belial’s is special that way.

I made it myself. For that matter, here’s a bit of a cleaned up version:

I have to pass the time on my commute somehow. :rofl:

No clearly wouldn’t know that there was absolutely no connection whatsoever between QED and any of the electronic devices we have today…