Belial - Probably the best teacher in the Universe

I’ve mentioned before that Azazel has coached me in singing mainly opera. With his guidance I was able to truly expand my vocal range and diversity of arias in different languages. I viewed every piece as a mountain to climb and would practice more than I slept. The feeling of accomplishment when I would finally hit a note or successfully pronounce a tricky word, was incomparable.

I haven’t sang or challenged my voice like I used to in a couple years, but what I find interesting as of late is that now Belial has also taken an interest in coaching and encouraging me to continue singing.

I’ve noticed that when Belial coaches me he focuses more on little things that I often overlook or dont even think to think about, that have helped tremendously. I’ll admit a couple of his explanations have been… well crude lol but I could not have understood it better if he had said it any other way. The combination of his teaching and Azazel’s has truly been incredibly amazing.
Today he seemed to be directing me to begin working with Lucifer while I was doing vocal exercises. He had put his name in my mind but I ignored it. Then he told me to look at Twitter and when I did I saw this,

I dont even follow this user. So I may be contacting him soon. Though I’m super intimidated not gonna lie.

Belial has seemed to also take interest in my mathematics studies, giving me tips on how to remember certain things, explaining things in such amazingly simple, foolproof ways. I’m taking a summer semester class which means that we cover a week or 2’s worth of material in one day. We have one day to learn an entire unit before moving on the the next. It’s extremely fast paced, so his pointers and tips have been beyond helpful. I’ve never been good at math but I have been thriving in this class, and it’s all because of him.

I CANNOT stress it enough when I say he’s absolutely brilliant and an EXTREMELY good teacher. The way he explains things just… completely blows my mind. He’s completely genius. I had read on a forum post that another demon is helpful when it comes to studies. I’m completely blanking out on the name, but I think it was a post by @Freaya, though I could be mistaken. I had planned to call on him, but Belial told me that our time together had not been completed yet and he would like me to continue to learn from him.
And I’ve gotta say… I am not disappointed.

He has now begun to branch out from mathematics and use it to teach me “the mathematics behind magick” you could say. Which again… My Mind Is Completely Blown.
It’s been a lot to take in and I’m not entirely sure how to explain it in a way to give it justice yet, but when I do I will write a post on it.
The things he has shown me has gotten me to see past the equations and graphs and logarithms and apply them also to the metaphysical. He has not completed teaching me everything yet so I dont even quite comprehend it myself, but when I get a glimpse of the entire picture that he is painting before my eyes… it leaves me breathless.

Belial has **SO** much to offer and I highly encourage working with him for ANY area of study. His list of specialties seem to be a lot larger than I originally thought. 

ALSO!! If you are working with him or plan to… offer him Burgundy. He has asked me for some but I’m not 21 yet and unfortunately can’t buy him any, so he settled for strawberries. GET HIM SOME. He deserves it.

(I hope the first part doesn’t sound like I’m bragging :sweat: I feel like it does… I just wanted to show how he can really help with anything from singing to math and back again to magick)


Brag all you want. That’s what most people here do when they have success. You’re in good company :slight_smile:

Hail King Belial!



Wow! Amazing! I’m very interested in the mathematics /physics applications in the metaphysical world !! I will look out for your post! I heard that he has a thing for females and that he likes/prefers to help them over males. And that he can be a little bit grumpy sometimes. How did he showed you all that stuff? Was it in meditation? Soul/astral travel?

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Yes it was Camio! But honestly I will also work on myself with Belial I’m waiting for my abilities to be perfectly developed because I don’t want to miss a single thing. He looks like the perfect coach.

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@rin since I know you do your studies you can have infos here for the demons I’ve worked with.

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Well it seems he has a couple different ways of communicating. A lot of times he’ll give me visions or he’ll lead my thoughts by asking me little questions and then I have that “Aha!” Moment after hes asked me several things and I finally understand what he’s getting at.