Belial, peticions

wasnt that Luce who told you that

It was a post on here. Honestly can’t remember who posted it but I always remembered it.

well i wouldnt command, id show respect but never bow, lol

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You should. Lucifer, King Paimon and King Belial all taught me to command them. When I asked Belial for something once he told me to command him with authority.

They are ancient and very wise. They understand that commanding someone to do something is not disrespectful.

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Hence the quote. Gods do not beg, they command.

thats really your path, it was their way of making you grow a backbone, ive never commanded any of them and now im friends with Luce, very close, lol

I[quote=“StrengthenedWarrior, post:26, topic:136599”]
it was their way of making you grow a backbone

Don’t take this personally but you don’t know what your talking about. I agree it is my path but I already had a back bone. In fact, I stood up to King Paimon when he yelled at me. I stood up to multiple demons. I use to politely ask them to do things for me. I used to find commanding to be disrespectful. But these days, I know that one can command another backed with full respect.

Commanding doesn’t mean you yell at them. Or bark orders at them. Or anything like that. Commanding isn’t the same as micromanaging, which is what spirits don’t like.

One can respectfully state a command quietly, intently, and with authority. :slight_smile:

but to command means to literally make someone do something no? if its against their wishes how can it be respectful? the only reason you can command them and they do as you say is because they agree with you, if they didnt agree with your commands, the story would be different,

your way is your way, and they gave you that to yes, grow a backbone, you stated yourself that at somepoint you were scared and thought about calling jesus, but in the end you changed your mind

its obviously to have made you grow an extra backbone in your magick bro

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I have also never been in any need to command the spirits I work with at all, I’m pretty close to the demons I work with and it has been pretty good so far in my years.

I did so too once, he didn’t yell at me but he was talking about something that I didn’t find okay so I stood up for the thing I was defending and he didn’t get mad at all, in fact he liked that I stood up for myself, I didn’t do it in a offensive way it was more like I protect my own no matter what which he respected.

may i ask who youre close to?

The one I’m closest to currently right now is Lucifer.

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me too i think :slight_smile:

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