Belial, peticions

Hey Guys, i wanna ask how can you do a peticion for Belial. I used my blood on the sigil and chanted that mantra “alash tad lash tu” from EA channel, After i burn it. Was that enough or not?
I was trying to get support on doing my spiritual path. And know that im thinking on doing other things in Magick, i fell this pressure on my heart chakra of something trying to enter it.
Is this a type of possession? Or just on my mind?


If you are not sure you made contact place the sigil on a surface. Table, lap, etc…
Now gaze at the sigil lightly. Focus on your breath for a minute or two. Just relax all of your muscles.

When you are fully relaxed and comfortable, pull your vision back until the sigil starts to flash. Whilst focusing on your breath do this for a few minutes.

And then whisper Belials name a few times slowly, followed by “Belial come, Belial come” you may also want to chant his enn in a whisper but this is up to you.

Repeat until you feel his presence and you have made contact. Once he is there, make your request. Thank him for coming and do a banishing. I would recommend the Lesser Banishing Ritual Of The Pentagram by Ea Koetting on YouTube.

What do you mean “flash”? I didn’t see it flash but I felt something around

When you pull your vision back while gazing at the sigil it should light up. Maybe you need to develop you senses a bit more. This is what I always experienced when I first started.

You definitely made contact with Belial then.

I keep feeling this sensation of something pressing my heart chakra non stop every time i think about that, and I’m really tired because of it

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That sounds like Belial.

You know what is he doing?

Nope. I was planning to summon him tomorrow morning to help me get rid of an addiction. I could mention you if you like.

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Please, and if he could stop this as it is making me fell awful

Command him to stop.

“Gods do not beg, they command” -Satan

Did you do a banishing?

No, but i had moved out from were i lived

I did a cleasing around the house this morning. Sorry for didn’t awsering sooner. I was trying to sleep, and faill it miserably

Hey, how was the ritual? Did it gone well?

Why would you wanna banish? After I invoke any spirit I always tell them to leave whenever they wish and I like having the energy there afterwards and whenever I feel like I should cleanse I’ll cleanse.

Of course everyone works different but wouldn’t it be a bit “harsh” to banish?

Lmao if I was a spirit and someone banishes directly afterwards I would be like " Wtf dude chill, I’m leaving lol."

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When I use to live at my parents house and did a ritual and didn’t banish crazy shit started to happen. Things getting knocked over. My pets wouldn’t come up the stairs or looked terrified all the time and tried hiding. My mum would get really bad migraines. It was fine for me but if you live with others (most people do) then it is in their best interest. Ea recommends banishing if you live with people.


Okay now I get why you banish, then that’s absolutely fine especially when things like that happens. It happens to me too sometimes but usually when I’m home alone, I live with my mother.

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Yes, i did the cleasing of the house in this morning to Prevent it. Its good to have a Nice and clean house