Belial part 2: This time it's personal

Little backstory: After my 28 day pact with Belial was over he never actually left. We interacted sparsely but he mostly just stayed somewhere in the back of my mind. What can I say I stated working with Hecate and She is better looking anyways.

Even thought the pact was done, I didn’t feel done. I thought that there might be more that I wanted to learn form the Demonic King. But I started school work and even though I have made time to keep up my occult work (go me!) I did very little with Belial.

During one of my Hecate evocations She let me know that I had to impress Her, not only that but I had to impress Belial too. I learned that the two of them have a friendly relationship and now they both want a hand in my ascent to Godhood.

Sounds awesome right? Well it totally is, but I had no idea what I could do to impress a Demon and a Goddess. I was stumped, they both dropped hints but I am rather dense most times and to me it was if they were speaking in riddles. So I log on today and find that -TWF- is giving free tarot reading and decide to ask him to read for me. He shed a lot of light on what I can do and cleared up some of the riddles for me. And after reading his report I knew that I had an evocation to do after class.

Belial and I, I decided, were going to have a face to face. I set up my temple and evoked the Dark King. Interesting effect, the ground stated to shake and got increasingly violent as he drew near. He appeared in the incense smoke in front of my scrying mirror and we had a great long conversation. (-TWF- you are totally right about how I should approach Belial and what I should do with his gifts and lessons, he grilled me about that.

After I took my lumps I gave some back and Belial and I finished our conversation planning my Godhood. I asked for and received a servitor that will help me gain dominion over my life and the Earth. I have her attached to me and plan on taking her for a test drive at work tonight.

It feels GREAT to be back on the path to Godhood.

Stay strong brothers and sisters and I’ll see you all in the Infernal Kingdoms.


That’s awesome Orismen, I’m glad the reading helped you out so much. Please keep us posted on how this plays itself out.

I hope this time goes smoother than last time. Belial likes to make me face a lot of my issues (abuse that resulted in me playing the victim early in my life) but he tends to over do it IMO. I teaching me to stand up for myself and take charge of my life we worked with a lot of aggressive energies. This resulted in my yelling at people in Wal Mart who cut in front of me in line(in my defense they were Wal Mart people). I realized that I went a little too far as the words “Fuck you bitches!” and other obscenities spewed from my mouth.

The UC really helps with getting contact quicker. Moments after this picture was taken Belial came and we hashed it out.

Made a new pact with Belial. This one calls for him to inhabit my body and calls for more possessions. As I stood in the circle arms stretched out I could feel a pressure envelope my entire body, forcing its way inside me. Then I threw up…God damn it. At least I made it to the sink in time.

I feel like I have mastered the basics of what Belial taught me in our first pact and now that I am putting them to use I am ready for more. I think I am out of Belial 101 and ready for Belial 202 (or 2020 if you attend Weber State because we like to put an extra 0 after everything for some reason…)

I made the contract on Friday and signed it with my blood. I also placed blood on Belial’s sigil as per his instructions. I am pretty new to using my blood in magic and I noticed today that it has not changed color (Turned dark because it dried) Cool little effect, but I was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience and what ya’ll thought it could mean, if it mean anything at all.

I noticed something strange since my pact and possession with Belial.
Women are far more flirty with me. Now I like to think that I am attractive, I go to the gym and watch what I eat, but I never thought I was a perfect 10 (male baldness stuck when I was 19, I shave my head now at 28)

I also have always been VERY clear that I am married and NOT interested in any side action, and that has always worked in the past (a lady at work or in class would start getting too friendly and I would casually bring up something my wife and I did to emphasize that fact that I have a wife) but it has gotten really weird. Today I visited my wife’s office, one of her friends stopped by and was obviously flirting with me IN FRONT OF MY WIFE. My wife would normally not take this shit at all, but today she sat there smiling as if she was oblivious to it.

I asked Belial and he said something to the effect of “I have that effect on people.” then he told me to pay attention to how men treated me. This is just something weird I noticed today. It made me think of DarthMordus’ Q&A with Belial in which the Demonic King expounded on how he helps to raise a man’s reputation.

That is interesting because since Ive been working with him Ive noticed similar effects. Not to jump too far off topic but when the Orisha Oshun spole to me in a consultation (Santeria) I noticed women seemed to be more interested as well…

Interesting, does Orisha Oshun have any correspondences with Belail?

Not really (or at least that I know of). The Orishas are elemental deities, for example Elegua is the trickster, lord of the crossroads and master of fate. He holds the keys to all doors in life. Oshun is the river. She is represented by honey, mirrors, peacock feathers, etc. Her color is yellow and her number is 5. She governs everything that makes life worth living. She is ecstasy, love, pleasure personified.

To further comment on Belial though, I was talking with a magickal friend of mine (she’s wiccan) and suddenly I felt a calm zen like state come over me when I said his name and I guess she noticed my gaze sharpened and focused on her eye contact and the tone of my voice lowered and slowed. Apparently she got kind of nervous then lol.