Belial or Lucifer made me dream

I was already thinking about contacting Belial yesterday, but I didn’t want to do this in a frivolous way, so I didn’t contact. Tonight I had a dream where I went to jail after getting drunk with a gun in my hand in front of my family, someone called the police and I went to jail. This dream showed me a way to destroy my life, one of my fears that I don’t even understand completely because I don’t drink very often. After this dream, a voice said “Face your fears before working with Belial” and the I had a sex dream with a friend of mine. Cool. Any thoughts or opinions about this? I thought it could be Lucifer too because he’s my mentor.

Sounds like Belial to me, I haven’t worked with Lucifer. Belial does seem to be about tearing apart what holds you back.

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I want to contact him, ask him what I can offer to him, what he can offer to me and if he wants to work with me, but I’m afraid of doing this in a frivolous way like I said and he gets angry at me. I really don’t want to disrespect him.


In my brief experience, respect is key like you said, but also self respect, if there’s a definite no on your part, stemming from a legitimate reason, i.e. this situation is what I truly want, in my case, or maybe a sense of morals, he may get pissed if he thinks or knows something is better for you, yep.

But I’ve felt the respect is returned from him, even in confrontation, perhaps moreso…Belial, the one without a master. I think he respects it and pleases him in a way getting told no back.

Having said that, despite bumping heads, I never felt a vindictive vibe from him, not in the slightest. I never felt like he has withheld guidance, or working towards my best interest as he sees it, or development as a person.

He’ll do shit you may not like, you’ll prolly do shit he won’t. Same as with anyone else. Keep the respect, and leave pettiness behind, I think you’ll be fine. Having mentioned pettiness, I do get the sense of him being a joker/shit talker, so maybe a little bit of pettiness is fine, as long as you recognize it is petty, if that makes any sense.

For me Belial has gotten me to know myself better, recognize my own bullshit, as bullshit. E.A. I think described it accurately as burning away the useless aspects in yourself and your life.

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As for offerings, for myself, food/drink when I can, public praise, blood, which I think was all acceptable. I think what he really wants, is growth as a person. I offered commitment to that end to him, and it seemed to be what he really wanted, not that he said no to the rest.

How is my growing as a person an offering? I’m lazy and I was content with who I was at the time. Committing to bettering myself is something I had no desire to do, and still dont. So everyday I try and improve is a sacrifice.


Don’t have much time right now, so I’ll just say this:

Belial rocks.


Can you give me a example of the situation? I work with Lucifer and sometimes I can’t see what it’s his action in my life and what’s not, when I talk to him about something wanting a advice, he goes straight to the point and tell me what will happen if I do or don’t something, but never goes saying “Ok, I want to destroy this in your life, you wanting it or not now”

I’ll pm you

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