Belial or King Paimon?

which demon would be stronger as far as persuading someone in a love relationship matter to talk to you or put in to their mind that they love you
And which works fastest.

From my understanding Belial works more with matters of law. And I know when I worked with him personally he gave very good lessons on this.

Piamon might be the one for this job.


Lol, that’s the magick word. King Paimon for sure.

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Actually, King Paimon has stated that he does not deal with love matters. He cannot make someone love you. He could make someone talk to you, but nothing beyond that.

Edit to add: King Paimon works with the intellect, not the emotions.


That’s absolutely correct, the one case I’m aware of when he did assist in love matters was helping a ladies estranged husband to return to her so the he can be there for the kids.
Try Beleth instead if you want a king


Maybe Sallos or Dantalion


That is true, he will not usually act directly for matters of love. He can teach the OP to be persuasive and manipulative is what I was getting at.

As for King Paimon not dealing with emotions, are you kidding? He is the master of manipulating people and situations; how do you manipulate someone, even on an intellectual level, without touching their emotions?


That is what I got from my dealings with the great King.


Neither. The King of hell you want to deal with is Beleth.


You raise an interesting thought in me, even as I type. I had asked Him to teach me influence and the art of persuasion, and I am prone to use using emotional channels to do that. His fine mentoring has tweaked that skill (and taught me a valuable series of lessons on the journey). It lends credence to the idea that the entity interacts with the practitioner on a personalized, customized basis, while still maintaining autonomy. Either that or it is because I am a Cancer and we are emotional bitches; we use what we have at our disposal, right? Cheers, and hail King Paimon!


I am a cancer too lol that’s cool :blush::blush::blush:

I agree being he’s known for being a kind of a womanizer per se’
when dealing with Belial sometimes you’ll be extremely horny afterwords!!!

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