Belial Offering

Tonight I commune with Belial as part of our pathworking. I asked Belial to tell me what he would like me to bring to the ritual as an offering. Through the day he has said the following
• Blood spilled from my right hand by a rose thorn from the north of the garden
• Moss from the north side of a forest clearing
• Spiced rum and a chocolate fondant fancy

I mean :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


He has excellent taste.

To understand belial you have to understand the Jews. In particular you are making an offering to “wicked or worthless” that is what belial means in Hebrew בְּלִיַעַל, it didn’t become a demon until the 15th century and that was through the writings of Johann Weyer the Dutch physician. He wrote the book during the trials of the witch hunts to try to show witches as being depressed and not a link to the devil to avoid more deaths and was the first physician to use the word Melancholy. Specifically the text he made for belial was in the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum.

So your offering to belial is more likely to be accepted by a spirit that is wicked or worthless to heed your call. The word occurs twenty-seven times in the Masoretic Texts of ancient Jews.


A glass of any alcoholic beverage will be fine. Try the search function. Lots of info there.

Good strong rum, blood, chocolates.

Honestly, in my experience, he’s not very picky.


To understand Belial you have to evoke him, not sit in your armchair reading books. :+1:

But I’ll help you out: what’s another phrase for “worthless”?

“Without price.” Or, cannot be bought, to break it down even more simply for you.

He does like chocolate! :laughing:


Belial helped me about a week ago get into the head of someone or 2 & change their minds . Perhaps I should leave him an offering somewhere


I generally offer blood, and once gold.

I usually use blood or alcohol, occasionally tobacco.

Like many Hebrew demons, the word Belial was originally understood (or at least used) as an adjective and became a pronoun. I argue his first emergence as a being came around during the time the Dead Sea Scrolls were written, as it is used as a pronoun in the War scroll. That being said, I don’t see it as diminishing the idea that Belial is a spirit as human beings have used words to describe forces beyond their understanding of the world for ages. The name or word is essentially a mask to allow humans to better understand the power behind the being we call Belial. Or that’s how I view it.

Interesting experiment I am planning on doing: evoking both Belial and the greek version of the name Beliar (which translates to "Baal of the Forest or wilderness) at the same time to see if one or two beings come forth. They are both used in translations of hebrew texts. I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile but finally getting around to it.


He loved being evoked from dawn mist in a grove of trees. :thinking:

Will be interested to read about this. :+1:

Some of us have found links to Lwa, there are a few posts about that topic, and thereby, to “Atlantis” (pre-Flood civilisations).

Mr Without-Price is a kind of primal force, for those who think demons are thoughtforms, but I think he’s more, and KNOW he’s older.


Not yet, been on the back burner for a bit as other rituals have came up.

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Absolutely, I definitely will. I’ll likely post it as a separate thread

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