Belial known for working with a female entity

So last two times I’ve spoke with belial a unknown female entity has been there but I’ve never called her … first time I was talking with him and he left and I went to get up but my body became paralyzed and she was saying she was gonna hurt me or that she could, so then I kinda got lippy “don’t hurt me please fucked me” then she left… the seconded time I was possessed by belail and this same female was laughing and passing as a shadow… any thoughts on who this might be ? And why she’s there?

Mark Smith’s primal craft “tradition” particularly the book “Queen of Hell” claims that the fates: Clotho, Atropos and Lachesis often accompany Belial, though I’m not quite sure if these are the actual Moirai from greek mythology, I can assure you they are real


Yes they are, right?


Yes they are the Moirae (Fates), though they never appeared around Belial for me. Usually some succubi were around him.
What troubles me is that whomever that was, appears to threat the OP. And neither should. Moirae won’t bother to threat, succubi don’t have a reason to. I’d propose a banishing.
Edit: oops just noticed it’s a 2 years old thread. Lol


I was more questioning whether or not the three female entities that Mark identifies as the fates actually are the same ones from greek mythology as opposed to named after them, egregores etc. I am of the opinion they are but as they appear out of their usual mythological context I decided to mention the possibility that they are not.

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I love how we turned this thread into a big “the telephone” game :joy:


Does anyone know how to summon moirai?

Yes they are the same. My grams used to say to me that when a baby was born the mother had to cook a cake or something sweet and leave it in the child’s room for 3 days and nights so the moirai will give a good destiny to the child. I am Greek

Excellent stuff about Belial should be discussed :sweat_smile:

Since you already have a link by blood, search inside you. They’re already there, always.

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My mother didn’t do it for ne

Neither did mine. My parents like most Greeks were Christians.