Belial keeps on about tattooing his sigil on my body

Belial keeps visiting me in my dreams and going on about me getting a tattoo of his sigil on my body. He says it will make him a permanent part of my life and he will look after me for all eternity. This has been going on for a good while now, and initially I was really up for it. However, what exactly will it mean if I do this? Obv I know he loves blood, and it would be my blood mixing with his sigil so I gues that would be a permanent tie kinda like marriage??!! Or am I looking at this wrong? I absolutely adore Belial and I he’s with me lots, however, I’ve absolutely adored humans and they’ve turned out to be vile if they think they’ve got you hook line and sinker :joy: help!!

Where are you getting it tattooed? I think he fancies certain locations more depending on a number of things.

Right arm or right thigh. What are your thoughts?

Depends on your relationship with him. All I know concerning him if its about Sexuallity, then it is always about The Butt… For some reason (may not be the same if it is a guy working with him).

I was going to have it done and mixed in with a larger tattoo down my leg but he seems to really favour my inner right arm. It’s more me that wants it incorporated into a bigger tattoo down my thigh lol

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Im thinking about sigil tatoo too, thing is its not belial who will be wearing it on his skin forever. If you have a cool leg design I’d be inclined yo show it to him & say “this would be way cooler”

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I’m a female but it’s not really sexual with him, I mean he slid into me a few weeks ago during a dream, which I suppose could be interpreted as sexual but I kinda get a father feeling from him. However that might change if I do this lol I dunno we’ll see lol


@Morn_Hyland yes I think your right plus I’m very stubborn and I prefer to have sone control so if I do it my way and show him it’s a bilateral agreement it’ll maintain respect on both sides. I don’t like rules or being told what to do, I don’t mind advice but I hate orders lol too much like him really I think lol :joy:

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@anon72564005 ooh that’s great. Has it increased your ability to invoke him?

At some point you will encounter sex magick with Belial. It doesnt mean screw a bunch of guys, but rather working with your sexual chakra energy and raising it up the 7 chakras in a one-pointed focus.

Actually on that subject how are chakras shown in symbolic form? I only ask in this thread as I was shown several symbols by Belial the other day and I think it’s related to chakras. Are they shown in triangular form? I had visions of 3 interlinked triangles point to base of each other and 3D triangle with two circles in and rays of light between them. Any thoughts? Weirdly I was really turned on following it all parter def thought it was his lucky day lol I wrote the symbols down just because I’m crap at remembering stuff. Anyway I’ll look forward to the sex magick side of it all! I’m really new at all this in comparison to majority in here and it was Belial that came to me initially and started me on the path. Thanks for your help it’s much appreciated

:see_no_evil: i was doing it wrong then :joy: … nvm was still fun :grin:

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It was my payment for a working. His invocations are still the same, although he never leaves me.

Thanks for that that’s great, I was worried it’d end up like me being his bitch, like marriage lol been there done that never again! Anyway I don’t like being anyone’s bitch (as I said I’m too much like him lol) but I’m happy to work with him and I’ll always be respectful so if that’s the case the deal is done for me anyway I will get the tattoo done asap. :grinning: