Belial is coming through!

I’m just in awe! I’m new here but promised Belial that I would honor him and tell how he is coming through for me. I needed help but waited the night before my court appearance to ask Belial for help. I read that it’s best to ask a least a week before. So I said what the heck I’m going to ask anyway because I was getting nervous. ( I filed a harassment charge on 1 of my ex husband’s flings). I told him whatever he could do at the last minute to make it go in my favor and make sure she comes out as the delusional psycho she is I would be grateful. The day of court I started getting nervous and calling, chanting Belial in my head. Then I got an urge to call on Lucifer and King Paimon. To make a long story short, the judge had to set me another court date with a different judge because he worked alongside my ex husband and made it a conflict of interest! So now I have more time to work with Belial & prepare for my case! He delayed it for me! Now I just need to figure out how I’m going to do this. Thank you so much Belial! Lucifer! & King Paimon! I’m so Grateful for all their help! I’ll post part 2 soon! :kissing_heart::heart_eyes:


There’s a scene in “The Devil’s Advocate” where a Santero uses a cow’s tongue and a rusty nail to influence a judge. Have Belial possess the nail and stab the tongue while you visualize the tongue belonging to the judge, and then visualize things going you’re way.


Interesting! Easy and simple. Thank You! I wonder if I can’t find a cow tongue could I make one myself in the image of a cow tongue maybe with clay or something?


There is a Mexican grocery store not too far from my house I used to get cow brain tacos there all the time but they also had cow tongue for sale so you could go that route.


Stories and Hollywood like to show magick in a cause and effect relationship.

The “magick” of magick is that you bypass cause and effect by visualizing ahead in space and time and the universe bends to that vision and the cause and effect chain run like the teeth in a zipper to satisfy it.

If you can find the judge handling the case and be around them long enough to feel their signature energy you can imagine them handing down the judgement you want. Then the zipper comes together.

@AdamThoth The butcher at my Walmart sells cow tongue weirdly enough.

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Any butcher will have cow tounge. Slice it open and fill it with nasty baneful garbage along with their picture or name. I like to then sew it back up with yarn in a cross cross pattern. Let it sit out and rot too

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Jokingly … Quit victimizing cow tounge. It is the poor mans Waygu steak if you see the marbling.