Belial information

Hello all.
Is there any connections between Belial and Ganesh ?
Also pronounced names matter or not?
I just found out Belial is to be pronounced Bleeya’al ?

Pronunciations don’t really matter that much in my experience. I feel like they’ve been called things they weren’t originally referred to as enough to the point where they sort of accepted as an alteration of their name.

For instance, people call Abaddon both “Ab-uh-don” and "Uh-bad-un"and it’s come to the point where his name’s is spelled Abbadon and Abaddon.

To my knowledge, no.

It’s usually pronounced as beh-lee-el or bee-lie-uhl depending on who you ask.


From what I’m aware, both Ganesh and Belial have Earth as primary elements. Although Ganesh seems much more cheerful than Belial. I suppose we could always just ask them

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In my opinion and that of most qabbalists: the pronunciation is really important because each letter carries a different vibration. An y and I are too different in their vibration so you might receive a different aspect of Belial than you have asked for. But this is high magick stuff and you shouldn’t care toooooo much about it until you have reached a certain degree of magical development. Just know deep down that you are connecting with the real Belial while chanting his name.

(Its interesting to see that Belial Mortifer carries a different vibration than Belials core aspect)

This is true.

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Just for clarification don’t be discouraged to call his name and work with him he is great! What I have meant is that if you speak his name in a qabbalistic way (see the colors of the letters their vibration and their charge) the effects of the manifestation will vary widely.

Reason I ask is because Ganesh is popping up after my meeting with Belial. I must ask , Belial has a high energy . His presence is strong.

Thanks. To pronounce the names correctly is more beneficial due to the vibration ? I guess.

Thanks. I would like to get his name right . As I had meeting with him other day. And he usually answers me through videos or other people.

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For higher magical means yes, but most of my magic doesn’t revolve around that yet. Just pronounce it how it feels correct to you and also experiment with the variations and see how the manifestation changes.

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Great. Thanks🙇

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You’d have to pray to them and ask

Is prayer your only means of communicating with entities?

Not really no, Belial is a dark energy being while Ganesha is not, however, sometimes when working with one entity it opens doors to other entities.

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Prayer as in talking with entities?
Yes I talk with Belial for example… I draw his sigil and light a candle and enn and I offer him a beverage and snack. I would sit in silence and mind talk. Sometimes I would get words in my mind, and the questions I need to know he gives me answers through people or videos. Also I feel his presence more, it’s high energy. But now Ganesh is popping up. I must develope my senses more to have a full on meeting with Belial but I’m happy how it’s going for now . Also sometimes I feel rage after I work with him. So maybe Ganesh wants me to mellow.

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Do you know much about Belial? He is very active in letting you know he is with you. For sure he has let me know. :smiley:

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