Belial in baneful magick? To break a friendship

Hello guys, here’s my problem.
I have just started working with Belial in love magick, the post about getting ex back.
This bitch( we 3 used to be best friends…that’s sad) keep talking shit behind my back with my girlfriend, told her to break up with me. My gf likes to told everything about our love life to her also. And she even try to introduce my gf other man. She’s also a BI want to fck my gf.
She trying to teach her threesome with a classmate.
And she have a boyfriend herself who don’t give a shit about it. Not my business if she don’t make us involve.
Me and my gf argue lots of time because of this shit, and eventually break up, and she start to build a very good relationship with her now, video calling everyday,wtf

I am very irritated by that, and since the day I summon Belial, I am getting anger everyday, desperate to split them and make them fight.
This seems more important than reconciliation to me now…

So, is belial able to do this work?
I also thinking to summon leraje to work together.
I really don’t mind if she die or anything, that bitch have mental problems herself, she suicide and cut herself sometime, but I guess if she die, my ex gonna be sad. Lol

Any suggestions pls?
Hope someone help me, thanks!

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Sorry English wasn’t my first language, but thank you!

Yes! Ofcourse belial can! he is often associated with the power to stimulate guilt and bring weakness. And he usually works fast.

Thank you! I just researched some post about him. But can I work love and baneful magick with him at the same time? He accepted my offering and work, but I feel like i am getting to hate them more and more…

Pretty rude to call someone out for not speaking a language perfectly when it’s not their first language.

How many languages do you speak?


Sir I assure you I meant no disrespect

I meant that not in a bad way , simply looking out for you , others would come on more harshly than I would

Belial is a Demonic King he surely has many powers, but he is mostly associated with Baneful magick as far as I know. In my opinion you can request Belial’s aid for a curse and request Beleth for igniting love.
Also Now, Do some of your own research yourself and find demons associated with specific powers to bring your desired result.
If you can then buy “Lucifer and the hidden demons” by Theodore rose or “Demons of magick” by Gordon Winterfield. Ofcourse there are many books but I am only telling what I myself have used.

Now if you really want to make multiple requests to Belial or any other demon then You should do a separate ritual for each situation - For baneful magick and then for Igniting love. It is a good idea to perform multiple workings.


I support this philosophy

I have brought both books! :slight_smile: I used magick attack years ago, the break up ritual doesn’t work for me at all but master curse work, it send the person away from my life. But I hope I can do a stronger ritual this time, because my ex work with her for very long, afraid that she won’t leave easily.
I also follow the “Lucifer hidden demon”, doing some meditation with the path everyday before I sleep( not sure if this is a good way)
Anyway, thank you for your answer& suggestions, I will try to ask king belial again next week!

Well, read the forum rules, please.
His post was quite understandable so there was no need of such advices here.

P.s. I incidentally replied to the OP in my prev post.

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I really went to check the rules immediately :joy:

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You can try also Asmoday, Leraje is a good choice too.

Is beginner able to summon asmoday? I had summon some spirits before( Dantalion, leraje and king paimon went I first step into evocation) but I feel like I am still lack of experience to work with a more powerful demon. Saw some notes from the book about him, says his not easy to summon?

You’re ready to summon Belial but not Asmoday?
You can summon whoever you want for achieving the results you desire.
It is important what kind of relationship you will obtain with the spirit, will you be able to obtain it at all. You can start to practice with lesser demons of course but don’t go with fear or doubt if you can summon them.
Learn to protect yourself and banish.
Good luck.

I summon belial because I read the post about layering love spell.
I did a lot of research before I summon him, some post in the forum were interesting… so I dare myself, and felt his energy.
I have been working with Dantalion for 3 years, I actually asked Dantalion for advice🤣 he say ok, go ahead.
Thank you for the advice :smiley:

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Asmoday is good at breaking relationships, worked with him myself, that’s why I suggested him.

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