Belial, having strong sway over women

I can say that both above ring pretty true for me as well, he can be so gentle and charming.

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Oh my good :joy: you just discovered his secret key :joy:

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just put belial in your heart by calling her from your mouth and picture them in your head to project his face on your face to women see their ideal man from your heart not your strange and humanly face, he or she has seen lots of lovely faces in 3000 years so they see them self with 3000 handsome men to choose a few. lots of options which im to sleepy to explain

I think you mistype. let me correct it. " where there is a ho, there is a way." -belial

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I’ve been working with belial for a bit over a year now and I’ve felt his guidance in just about everything but anything related to romantic relationships, unless being silent about them was the lesson. I’ve found them to be less of interest since I began working with him. Definitely far from celibate but I’d definitely say its taken a backseat.


what is ho here ? im so new here

read starting from the first thread and keep in mind the subject of the thread. you’ll get it.

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