Belial, having strong sway over women

Just wonder if anyone else has heard this about belial. And if so how to use this aspect of him to have sway over a certaint female? Any tips or pass experiences ? Thanks.

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“Where there is a hole, there is a way.”
- Belial


Ridiculously charming, seriously hard not to at least be mildly fond of him.


I forgot that quote! I need to write these down and make a top 10 shirt.

In what way? For example I started a training class Mon and I just decided to just sit back and let Belial work. Today we had a quiz and the pretty younger girls were coming over asking me for my notes. They keep volunteering me for class discussions and telling the teacher I know everything like i’m the greatest thing since sliced bread. The seating is randomly selected everyday but I keep getting sat next to the same two 19yr old girls wearing tight leggings and push up bras.

I’m not sure how to describe it other than a state of synchronicity I have with Belial. I’ll feel as though i’m leaking energy from time to time and then something positive will happen in my favor.


Agreed. My experiences and feelings towards him are not exactly what most people think of and talk about but can’t help but love the guy whether he’s making your panties wet or trying to help you through your daddy issues that you didn’t know where as big of a block in your life/Magick as they are.

Hail King Belial :purple_heart: .


This can be done with sigil opening Magick I would think. Open the sigil, ask for his assistance, give an offering, done. Seems simple enough that this should be effective.

I have been trying to work with him recently. Just waiting to see what happens and what’s next. … i think i have to do a ritual after our conversation last night. (thinking face)

Ive read of negative experience about belial from a woman who’s Luciferian. idk how to feel about it.

Look up Belial Files using the search function if you want more info about him.

Plenty of good experiences shared about him on here.


I find him hard to figure out, but overall can’t help but like him. Teasing, challenging, and surprisingly comforting from time to time.


He’s as multifaceted as anyone is. Entities are like humans in that regard.


Personally I like him. I find him incredibly intriguing and enticing. He has been coming to me for a while. I just was not ready to interact yet. I’m not sure why. I just wanted to observe and I do things in my own time. When i want to. Not because they decide to come to me. But it seems like I’m ready now.


I was surprised because I wasn’t expecting comforting at all. But then I’ve had a few now show me a side I wouldn’t have ever thought to see. Not actively working with him, but I like the guy.


I was planning on going ALL OUT and asking :

Fremost/Frimost, King Belial, King Beleth, Prince Sitri, Ladilok, Lilith, BRULEFER, ROSIER, Gremory, Sergutthy, Satanachia, Aphrodite, King Asmoday and maybe a few others for lust . Lol there will be no way in hell this doesn’t work .

His very presence is comforting to me. It instantly makes me relax, physically even. Heart rate slowing a little and everything.

Maybe that’s why he gets laid so often :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: . That’s some serious infernal pheremones man. :joy:


I did have the odd urge to use his enn during a few panic attacks, it really called me down. Odd because I’m not close to him and it entered my mind at all.


Now I suddenly miss Belial. I’ve been caught up with other things and haven’t Invoked him in a couple of weeks probably. :cry::cry::cry: I missez himz. :broken_heart:


He kinda works that way I guess.


i think that he is different with everyone.
he is always here when i call him but never shows to me, and i feel like just a flirt next to him but not more.
versus my friend… she is working with him and he shows up to her every night , and every time she calls, and they have it of a lot …( sorry for sharing Belial :stuck_out_tongue: )


I think this goes for all entities really.