Belial gaped and tore my asshole apart - Is this a test?

Balg gets a new thread like this from time to time. Some bad thing or a train of incidents happen, OP asks if thats a test or not.

Makes me curious all of a sudden, so I ask you dear practitioners, say you are aware that things that happen to you, are a certain spirits doing…

1- Do you take action after a certain point? If not, why?

2- When is it the point that you say ‘no’?

Curious of what you think, thanks :smiley:


Cant say much about your questions, but :+1::+1::+1: on the clickbait title!


Google’s going to cache this, and it’ll show up for everyone who searches… the future quality of posts it may induce…


But yeah I agree “it was a test” should result in immediate and permanent exorcism of any spirit who tries it, unless the operator for some reason is okay with it.


It was just a test I swear


I work with Belial on a regular basis. He’s only turned my world upside down twice. The end result of both situations ended up with me coming out better than when I went in. I thought they were tests and got pissed because really, why the hell must I have to go through heartache and pain or lose something in order to gain something else? Why all the drama and bullshit?!!? If magick manifests through the path of least resistance, then why the hell do I have to suffer?!! Those were questions I asked. Once I made it to the finish line and looked back I understood why I was dragged through the mud, so to speak, it was because those things or people were obstacles and they needed to be removed in order to either make me a better person, or improve my life somehow. I used to think Belial got off on fucking with me, but no, I actually needed to go through those tough times.

Nowadays, when working with a spirit, it’s hard for me to tell beforehand if they’re going to burn my world to the ground. If I feel a spirit is causing strife or headaches in order to manifest a desire, I roll with it because usually it ends up being in my best interest. I’ve never really been in a situation where I lost everything or things became so unbearable I felt like I was being attacked or anything.


Well that title certainly caught my attention! Lol. Should’ve known it was click bait…

You can take action at ANY point. If a spirit is doing something YOU don’t like, then don’t let them walk over you. It’s a partnership not a one-way relationship.

Whenever, really.


@QueenMustang Stoic :+1:

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Yes, this is the answer right there, but as you see with @QueenMustang, some people take the challenge to see what comes of it, so it was a question directed personally, just pointing this one.

My personal opinion as well. I expect from spirits to do the same, and they do so. They may or may not know better than I do but thats besides the point.

Thanks :+1:


Another Belial Topic :pleading_face::pleading_face:


This is a good point. And it does seem some spirits to tend to make things “fall apart” so that you can get up better. However regardless of this, or any type/sort of working your doing with a spirit. You always have a right to say no, or walk away. We have free will, just like them (although I know some might disagree) – so it’s really a matter of personal choice.


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Only for clickbait purposes though I think. :thinking:

Could have been “Lucibae made me smoke meth, then ran a train on me”… :laughing:


It is only considered a test when it gets to the extent you can take it.

Belial tested me the first time I evoked him, he hasn’t tested me since

Btw the title is fucked up


Id click on this too! :clap::clap::clap:


Uh? The premise of texts are to see if you are gonna pass the challenge or not. What you say don’t make sense to me.

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Yes but a test won’t go above and beyond what you can’t take


Usually when these sort of things happen to me, it’s because I already did not respond to the easier, more gentle opportunity. Like I missed it …I.e. there wasn’t enough pain to get it through my thick head.


Belial knows what it’ll take- he’s been at it awhile

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Click bait you fucker, I suppose it’s better then another jerking off thread :rofl:

Depends if your enjoying it :smiling_imp:

I suppose it depends on what your natural boundaries are :thinking:

waiting to see what happens next


@anon84423462 did you honestly think you were going to get a sensible philosophical answer from me on this one.


For what? For uneccessary physical bullshit, or was this metaphorically speaking?

For the former, immediately, before anything you’re not on board with happens, and while you still have time to check it’s not an impostor taking the piss. Which it probably is. Belial is a god it and ime doesn’t care about fucking humans, he leaves that to the little guys. It’s one of the reasons I respect him a whole lot more than your average daemon.

I have a relationship with Belial, he’s permanently mildly invoked inside me and I will never let him go - but this weirdness is so far off the radar it’s not even a question, it really sounds like a different entity to the one I know, even.
This is just another reason I don’t “fraternise” with spirits like this, it sends the wrong kind of message. I like the “mess with me and I’ll literally incinerate you” message.

If you meant metaphorically, then go with it and forge through to the other side, it’s for the best in the long run, and you’ll not just come out a better mage, you’ll grow your spirit for it. I’m not the trusting type but Belial earned it.

“This had better be a test or else.”
There, I fixed it


You got my attention :joy::joy: