Belial evocation help

I need help with a evocation of belial and I don’t know where to start or what to do and all I have is dragon blood incense and a lot of white candles

I’ve never evoked Belial. But some ideas.
Piece of paper with Belial’s sigil/symbol on it, arrange candles around it as you wish, light them and meditate on the sigil while focusing your will on evoking him.
Come up with your own sigil for evoking Belial, carve it into the candles.
I’m pretty sure I saw somewhere in here people posting Belial’s sigil, but I can’t be sure.
Be creative with the tools you have.

Good: dragon blood is an incense of Mars and it’s possible to use it for summoning Demons. Belial is usually associated with Earth but he’s also related to Fire.
Four of the candles may be put in the corners of a room for symbolizing the Elements (going clockwise they’d be air-fire-water-earth), that are sometimes invoked in ritual magic.

You don’t need a bunch of insence and candles to get him to show up. If that helps you with focus, then that’s what you should do. Also those make nice offerings to him and he does like gifts… who doesn’t? :blush:
He has a strong energy in my experience. The last time I used candles with him one of the flames shot up really high and the smoke alarm went off. Use some safety precautions with the candles… just in case lol