Belial, Dreams, possession, ascent

I have not posted on this forum for one year exactly. I made a pact with Belial at some point in time and allowed him to possess me multiple times. This is the only entity that i have felt enough respect for to allow this control. In short instances of course. I come with advice as well as encouragement.

Belial has destroyed my life, shown me how to rebuild it. Destroyed it again. Lose a job, get a job. Lose it. Get a better one. Lose friends, people die, new people appear. Physical pleasure is there whenever needed. Emotions are under control. I am a completely different entity than before. Please allow me to explain.

Big B forced me to face my fears. One at a time. I feel that I no longer fear anything on this plane of existence. This entity has shown me that lust for the material world is a limitation. All limitations are self imposed. When you no longer lust for something, you take control over it. I have come to tell you all that you can truly have anything this moment that you wish. Sex. money. control over others.

When Belial gives you these things you will understand. Belial will test you greatly. You will have no idea how much power he truly has because he will not show you his true power until you have been tested.

I have seen truly traumatic and brutal occurrences. I have exploded with rage and uncontrollable emotions. I have learned that the chaos is a means for change and control. It is hard to put into words, but I have been shown that chaos and control are actually the same.

I have had a truly great experience and have accelerated my ascent by working with this entity. For some reason I feel that I need not share the details now. However if you ask I will surely clarify or provide examples. Thanks Belial.


Its really interesting to see how all over the place he is.
i wonder what he’s up to.

I’m also starting to think that he shows his prescence diffrently than other entities … or i maybe think so cause i’m’ not accustomed to his energy and frequenty yet…

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I believe this entity to be very widespread and powerful. It has manipulated events, and a couple times appeared before me at just the right times. Letting me know that it was my turn to take control of the situation. Always a test of my will of course. I have seen Belial manifest in a few different ways. Once so massive it was truly amazing. There were two other witnesses. They have since had dreams about the entity, although they played no direct part in my invocations of it.

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An hour or so ago he showed me why he was so closely connected to Lucifer.
It makes sense but i dont know how to translate it into words.

Powerful he truly is.
I love his way of communication but his energy frequenty is something very unique in his own way… or something like that…

Yeah the control thing is something that he seems to learn lots of people isnt it?