Belial Dream - odd?

Not sure what category I should put this in, but I recently had an odd dream about Belial.

For context, I have had dreams with demons meeting me in them before and they all seemed similar to each other and “normal”. This particular dream with Belial seemed kind of odd. Also, I haven’t done any rituals or work with Belial, and I don’t seem to like him (his character) just by reading about him so him coming to me in a dream is also interesting.

Here’s the dream:

I am visiting a guy I never met before. I went over to his apartment; it was about 7 or 8 at night. We decided to watch a movie. The inside of his apartment was dark, not too much stuff was inside his apartment just a TV and a couch. To the left of his TV there was a bathroom. Behind the couch was the kitchen that seemed to be the only light source in this apartment and next to the small kitchen was a dark hallway that had a bathroom at the end.
We are watching a movie; I do not remember what movie we were watching but I got up and asked if I could use the restroom. He pointed to the bathroom next to the TV. I go in and this bathroom seemed like it was just a regular room converted into a bathroom. It was carpeted, lots of random stuff like blankets, boxes and mannequins/action figures everywhere. The toilet was kind of hidden behind this wall. In front of the toilet there was a large male mannequin. Chiseled abs, wings, all white…couldn’t see the face as well as my mind kind of blurred it out. To the left of the toilet was a shelf with a bunch of random Knick knacks. One that stood out to me was a tiny unicorn figurine. Its eyes were piercing and felt like they were staring into my soul. I do my business, pee and what not then head back out to watch the movie. Couple of minutes or hours go by, I need to pee again. I head back to the bathroom.

This time, as I sat on the toilet, I noticed out of the corner of my eye the unicorn to my left I could see it blink. I began to feel a little trippy. I glanced over at the unicorn and noticed the eye is looking in a different direction towards the male mannequin. As I am looking at the unicorn out of the corner of my eye, I see the mannequin move slightly. So, I look and see the mannequin moved slightly. The unicorn moves abruptly and that is when the mannequin moves closer to me, almost moving in a robotic kind of way. I get off the toilet and move towards the mannequin. He moves his arm and extends it towards me almost gesturing for a handshake and says, “I’m Belial.” I see his wings behind him, they’re all white and huge. I say to him “ohhh you’re that one big bad demon!” He grins and walks to the other side of the room. His vibes felt like he’s some kind of jock. I then say, “I’ve worked with Orobas…” As I said that, he leans against the wall and tells me “Eh, I don’t know a whole lot about Orobas.” I say, “I also worked with Forneus”. He looks at me shocked and goes “Wow, you worked with Forneus? I am surprised. The guy is uptight and likes things to be done a certain way.” We converse more however I don’t remember what else we were talking about I just remember telling him “I’ve been in here for at least an hour talking with you, I got to go back to watch the movie.” I leave and sit next to the guy.

I sit next to him and he’s visibly shaking. I asked what’s wrong and he points to the door where I was conversing with Belial. He says, “I never go in there because there’s dark things in there.” I kind of laugh and say “It’s just a demon. Nothing to be afraid of. It’s your house. If you don’t want him here, then tell him.” Next thing that happens is the front door busts open. My dog runs out the apartment barking uncontrollably and growling. I try to call him back, but he wouldn’t listen. He eventually comes back in and is growling at the door acting very vicious.

My dream moves on but throughout my other dreams I kept seeing Belials sigil pop up and hearing a voice tell me “Trace it and remember it” I could feel my mind tracing the sigil each time it popped up.

If anyone could maybe give me any insight (if there’s any) as to what this dream may mean? I’m kind of intrigued.

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Sounds like a straight up invitation to work with Belial. :thinking: I would get into ritual and ask that way to confirm.

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I also had a strange experience regarding Belial.
I wasn’t sleeping but i was in a state of sleep paralysis(it happens often to me), there was a huge shadow with a human form at the feet of my bed, it also had two horns, a that point words comes put of my “mouth”(mentally) without my consent and control: “Belial i sell you my soul, unleash me, break all my limitations, give me absolute power.”
Then i started to panick and freaked out.
Then i “woke up”.

I don’t really think it was him.
Maybe just some parassitic entity.
A similar experience happened with Lilith.
There was a white female spirit with a zombie appearence in front of me, with black hair covering her right eye and the left eye was red and looking at me, then i automatically started to chant Lilith’s enn, without control.
Then the creature started to freak out and i “woke up”.

I’m a complex man, kek.

P.s. an even stranger and embarassing experience happened to me a lot of years ago, with Satan. But it is so embarassing i never told anybody.


i dont know if that helps but,my clairs are not good.
Belial is the only demon,that when i evoke him first time,he speaks so much clear in to my mind.
Straight down for what i ask.
Give him a formal ritual for sure.

Lol, “How to Piss off Belial 101”. Just as well it wasn’t him he’d want to drag you through ‘lessons’ to stop giving your power away. No point being unleashed only to immediately take up another’s collar.

This isn’t healthy or cool. Take responsibility for yourself and don’t do this. This way lies madness.

Boundaries are important, NO entity should be able to mess with you this way, in which case your spiritual hygiene is shot and needs fixing, OR, you’re being irresponsible, in which case your spiritual hygiene is shot and needs fixing.

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Probably just “dreams”.
No need to be so apocalyptic.

Dreams are a good way for Demons to contact us, as our mind is more receptive while we’re asleep. Especially if you remember it waking up and can type it out, that’s a good sign.
Belial has worn the faces and skins of other people, that I used to go to school with. And they keep coming back in my dreams. This is one way he interacts with me. He also appeared as a young girl with very large, almond shaped eyes that were fierce as she smiled at me. Again, in my dreams.