Belial Dream and Experience

I apologize for the length of this. My dreams are something else, and pretty detailed.

In the first lucid dream I’ve had in years, I was on a staircase, heading down to a busy hotel lobby, when I suddenly became aware that I was dreaming. My friend looked at me and said “get it done.”

I looked back up the stairs and said, “I want to talk to Belial.” The lights turned off, and soft daylight through the windows gave everything a blue glow. I went to look back at my friend, and saw that everyone was gone. A noise came from further up the stairs, and when I turned the corner to climb the next flight, there was someone standing on the top step. As I approached them I noticed that they wore a mask, and a long gray robe. I asked them if they were Belial, and they shook their head. Then, they took out a 6 inch hollow needle, and pointed at their arm, then pointed to my arm. I knew what was coming next, but I asked if getting poked by the needle would wake me up as things like that have woken me up from lucid dreams before. Again, they shook their head, then push the needle, parallel to the bones, into my arm until only a centimeter was poking out. They led me into a large room with a hospital bed, and motioned for me to lay down. As I did, they stuck a tube into the hollow part of the needle, and started running fluid into my arm. I sat up, look in the mirror across from the bed, and saw that I had growths coming out of my neck, and as more fluid was pushed into my arm, the bigger the growths became. I tore the needle out of my arm, saw that my neck went back to normal, and I let the person know that I was not ready to do this. They were very understanding. I was allowed to leave.

I made my way back down the stairs, through the lobby that was once again full of people, and outside where I proceeded to ask as many people as I could where I could find Belial. No one knew, until I stumbled upon a man who was looking over at me. He seemed nervous as I approached him. Before I could speak he told me that he knew where Belial was. I looked at his arm and saw a tattoo of a woman with a needle in her arm, growths coming out of her neck. Before I could ask about it the tattoo became animated. The growths separated from her neck, and dissolved into nothing. A gold aura surrounded her. “I should have stayed”. I said. “Should have let it happen.”

He told me that he understood. Told me that he did “the needle thing”, told me it was terrifying, but he was so glad he did it. He pointed to a building across the way. “In there.”

I walked into the building to find myself in a large ballroom filled with other entities. I was unsure who they were. One came over to me as the room fell silent. “Oh, well, see everyone is on their best behavior when he shows up.” He nodded towards the gap forming in the crowd in front of me. A tall, stern man was then floating in my direction. I asked if it was Belial. The same entity nodded. “Oh absolutely.” Belial wore long black robes, with a dark red cape and had a headdress on that resembled the ones that Emperors in Ancient China wore. The closer he got, I noticed he had black hair to his shoulders, a mist in his eyes, and gray skin. He never changed his stern expression, and he never said a word. We nodded at each other respectfully, and he stopped about six inches from my face. I asked him what I could do for him. I asked him why I felt that he was calling to me. He looked at the entity behind me, who came and stood next to me. He then looked back at me, raised his eyebrow, and poked my nose. He then slid past me. I looked at the being next to me who said, “He wants you to lighten up.” I laughed. “What?” I looked all around for Belial, and I noticed the scenery changing. I was no longer in the ballroom, I was now in a crappy apartment watching an old woman cook on the stove.

I felt like I knew her, like she was related to me. Before I could even approach her she started to insult me. Told me I was no good, told me that I would never be enough for a man, and that everything I feared about myself was true. I felt angry, but I also felt like there was nothing I could do to make her stop. After while, I had enough, and I went outside and found myself on a dirt road that ran through a small town. I knew that I was going to start to wake up, and I just had one more question for Belial. It wasn’t long before I found a man holding back a massive black Rottweiler. The dog was ready to attack, viciously growling, foaming at the mouth. I ask the man if he knew where Belial went. He nodded at me and asked if I needed help. I did. I had a thought that the woman from the apartment would be coming to attack me. I was right. She ran up behind me and grabbed me from behind. She was digging her nails into my arms, and hissing in my ear. It was crippling. The man holding back the Rottweiler yelled “If you want help, you have to tell me. You have to tell me right now!” I screamed “Yes! Yes I want help!” He let the dog go, and it leapt onto the woman. I was free from her grip, and I stood up straight and strong. The dog ran a circle around me and the woman who was face down on the ground bleeding out of the enormous hole in her back. He then sat off in the corner, out of the way. With the last of her strength, the woman managed to flip over. She was bleeding from her eyes, and she looks at me and rasped, “So, This is how it’s going to be?” “Yeah” I said, then woke up.

After I had a couple of minutes to digest what had just happened, I just started crying. Not because I was scared, or because I felt a sense of dread, it was because the whole thing was just so overwhelmingly awesome.

I hadn’t even really thought about working with Belial before that dream. I had only woken up a few times with his name in my mind and dismissed it so I was surprised that I picked him to talk to and not any of the other entities that I’ve attempted to have an experience with. I even had a dream where I was listening to Lucifer’s enn, and by the end of it the people doing the chant we’re praising King Belial. I had been hesitant to call on him considering his reputation, but, a few nights ago I drew out his sigil and chanted the enn, and felt this insane amount of pressure in the room. I just sat with that for a while and meditated. I didn’t hear anything, but I definitely felt it. My ears were ringing afterwards, and I felt drunk. So, I’m at the start of a relationship with him, and even though I didn’t have a major experience during the ritual, a couple things have already happened in my life that I can attribute to him. It’s pretty exciting, and scary. Haha. I suppose that any advice or input would be welcomed. I’ve felt like he’s calling to me. He wants me to work with him, I think but I know I have to tread a little carefully where he’s concerned.

I just wanted to share my dream and my experience thus far. Thank you for reading all of this. :slight_smile:


With the staircase you are trying to move forward and progress in some area of your life, with no success and are going nowhere, you and struggling to know which way to proceed in a situation dealing with relationships.

Stairs portray transition very closely related to change and growth in an individual’s life.

Someone demonstrating a needle to stick in your arm and than pounding the needle through arm. The needle is a metaphor of someone who is trying to cause pain, stress or conflict, perhaps self inflicted. Being stabbed by a needle or to have an injury suggests a full expression of distaste for something you are doing to yourself that you do not like.

Being injected with a needle and syringe in your dream indicates that you need to develop and focus on goals in life, a time where you are feeling restless.

The rooms in your visions are symbolic of the sense of self. No matter what other imagery or rooms, chambers present themselves are a sense of personal identity. The large room with a hospital bed and more needles and fluid, you are trying to heal yourself and can’t. Have a good look in the mirror and look within yourself to solve your problems.

The angry woman in the apartment. You have many fears about your future and want to escape your past.

To dream of an angry dog that wants to attack you implies that you’re having a conflict with someone a disloyal person or someone who’s untrustworthy. Your looking for help to back this person off and stop there attacks.

The continued search for Belial. Your searching for a spirit guide to help solve your problems but are unable to connect as you keep asking for and searching for a Deity to help solve your relationship and personal conflicts. You must turn to yourself first to resolve your problems before connecting with the spirit realm.

First of all, thank you for going through this point by point, I appreciate it.

This wasn’t a dream I just had…it was a lucid dream. In my experience, that brings you to another level where you can seemingly interact with whatever you want. The energy in the atmosphere a completely different in a lucid dream. But, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that.

While the interpretations might be true in some cases, they might not ring true for others. I never put any stock in dream books, because everybody has symbols that mean different things to them. Some people dream of their teeth falling out, and it means change. For others, it could actually mean sickness and death.

The dog wasn’t trying to attack me, the owner was waiting for me to ask for help so he could let the dog go to attack the woman who was almost killing me (who is in fact a part of me since I can be very hard on myself and critical).

Also, I found Belial. The man that floated over to me was Belial. When I lucid dream, and want to connect with something, or someone, I have to ask other people (myself, as in my subconscious) where to go in order to get to them. This is how my lucid dreams work. Not the same for everyone.

Did you just skim over this? I mean, that’s fine. I understand, because it’s painfully long. However, I don’t know how quick I am to put stock in an interpretation from someone who doesn’t know me. Please understand that I am not saying that with a rude tone, it just seems like I’m reading from a dream interpretation book, which I don’t put any stock in at all since as I mentioned above, one symbol does not mean the same thing for everybody. That’s akin to believing your horoscope that’s put in the newspaper next to the crossword puzzle.

Also, I did end up invoking Belial and having an experience with him which I mentioned at the end. Am I posting to the right forum @Lady_Eva, @DarkestKnight?

Lastly, all I do is turn to myself to resolve my problems. Trust me, it’s been an interesting 15 years. I may be new to reaching out to Demons, but I have plenty of experience holding myself accountable and resolving my issues. Again, I do very much appreciate you going through it point-by-point. But, unless the whole thing didn’t post, you missed a lot of it.

Nevertheless, I really do appreciate the time you took to interact with me.