Belial can come today?

I want to call Belial today and ask for his help for a specific reason, it will be the first time I call him, I’m a little anxious about whether he’s coming or if he’s going to kick my ass. Can anyone tell me something, is he willing He’ll see that I want to call him.

He’s one of those that always comes. You might not sense him that great, but he’ll be there.

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@Mulberry I hope he does not throw a lot of energy, I’ve heard about him being a strong presence (I hope I do not have any kind of disorder in my body).

Hi I’m a newcomer to this, I had a visit from Belial (twice actually) completely randomly, no attempts at invocation etc so I just wanted to ask why you mention not having any disorders? I felt he was really strong and since I’ve become stronger ( I think he sort of bonded with me as he slid into me on 2nd visit)