Hi everyone it’s my first time posting anything here, but I have a question I’ve been dying to know the answer to. I came in contact with an entity/demon, it happens often but this one was very different and seemed to have a certain presence that scared other dark entities away. He did not want to tell me his real name, but rather gave me an alias that he still does not like me sharing with others. My relationship with this being is a very very long story, but for the sake of brievety I will simply say that I did some digging on this entity and I found that he had a LOT of similarities with Azazel, so i assumed it must be him.
However I recently met someone who has met with Belial on the astral plane several times and when I asked him to describe “Belial”… he described exactly the entity I had come in contact with. Everything from the visual appearance to what the energy and vibration felt like. And I’ve read elsewhere that “historically” Belial and Azazel may or may not be the same. I would just like to hear your inputs. Thank you so much in advance. I know this was a long post. Please forgive me if I’m not very well versed on these matters this is my first time posting.


I’m not sure if it’s important or not but I feel like part of me should mention that my relationship with this entity has been what I can only describe as fairly romantic and sexual but… not purely in a sexual way.

I haven’t worked with either, but from what others have mentioned both can be very sexual. I wouldn’t doubt romance either, I believe spirits are just as capable of love, caring, tenderness etc as we are. However I don’t think that Belial and Azazel are the same entity.

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In my experience, Belial and Azazel are two different entities.

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Thank you so much! I didn’t want to believe they were. When I asked the entity I’m close with if he knew Belial, he wouldn’t give me a direct answer yes or no but I got the sense that they are/were very close as in brotherhood or So? What perplexes me though is the similarities in features. They both look the exact same.

Spirits can appear as anything they like. Male, female, ball of energy, talking can opener, the possibilities are endless. The way they feel is usually pretty unique. I’d pay more attention to what they feel like.


Belial is Belial and Azazel is Azazel. Also entities wont appear in the exact form at each individual, they will transform according to your will.

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Yes! That is so true. The feeling of their energy was what really got me.

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Demons like chicks, what else is n- Joking, joking :smiley:

Okay, now being serious, the only good way to find out is to keep working with this entity and form a bond. The bond is formed by attention, no special ritual here other than consistent and persistent work. Draw a sigil of Him, keep it open, dedicate a day of the week to solely talk and otherwise work with the entity. This will make the initial appearance and shape become clearer.

The reason he might not share his name is not only for his own personal reasons, but because once you realize it, you will be strongly bonded. Many times is not the spirit being jealous of his own privacy but you not being able to connect fully for it to receive the name.

In other words, when you look at a chair you KNOW it is a chair and its purpose, right? Then you might go deeper and find out the name of the style in which it is made, by looking up books and online. Well in the spirit world, you will know the name of the entity once you’re close enough, the name shall be known. Doesn’t really have to do much with not being worthy or the spirit being tight-lipped.

And don’t ever worry, happens to all of us, all the time.

Bottom line is that the only way to find out is to practice more and summon every day. This might be the begining of a new path in your magickal career too, so give into it without fear. Invite the spirit and allow it some freedom of movement by not being apprehensive, because feeling fear is literally somewhat offensive. If you feel like it gets threatening or dangerous just explain it to the spirit, more often that not is trying to help you even if it feels painful; it’s like removing a decayed tooth, it’s for your own good.


Thank you so much… I did gather he didn’t want to tell me his name for reasons along those lines. I set time apart almost every day to connect and meditate on the energy of this entity, although he’s not always on earth it seems… Which is puzzling. He talks a lot about a war that’s taking place and he goes away to"plan" it. He’s one of the “planners”… I’m not sure what that quite means. This being is incredibly powerful though… I’m in no way scared that he’d be violent with me, however he has hurt those that have hurt me or have made me cry. My mom used to hit me a lot, and one day she left bruises. The entity went to her room that night and left her bruises in the same places. I knew it was him because he told me that he did. He’s done other things to my boyfriend as well when he’s been disrespectful towards me as a female, demanding things that I dont want to give. But I won’t go into detail there. Once there was this smaller negative being that had become attatched to me, it was giving me the creeps… so the entity came back and swallowed the smaller one. It’s like suddenly he turned into a black pit and I could feel the fear of the smaller negative being. I have to say that must have been the first time I had any miniscule amount of fear.


Try to say spirit instead of entity
Trust me whenever you are talking to a spirit especially someone like Lucifer if you need to refer to them as something say Spirit saying entity makes them feel like you are calling them an Object.

Just a word of advice that’s all <3

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Thanks for the advice ^-^ I appreciate it