Belial/Astaroth Experience


I summoned Belial last month bc he was recommended to me, and I’m semi-stressing about the results. I did feel his presence and heard a kinda crackle of bones like something opening when I first summoned him. Then, I saw him at around 5 am once in a white/cream suit but didn’t talk to him because I was not alone at the time.

But something happened yesterday and I’m feeling pulled to talk to Astaroth somehow. Yesterday, I was listening to music, and a video of their enn(I mean Astaroth here) came up randomly. Did some research for some time just to know who it was and felt a connection instantly. After that research session and their enn popping up, I fell asleep because my head started hurting and felt my energy get lower; later thought I was dreaming of Belial because I was listening to his enn before I fell asleep to try to connect with him, but usually, Belial doesn’t come with horns to me, so I’m thinking it was Astaroth who had came forward to say their hellos.

I’ve thought of multiple possibilities:

  1. I’ve gone cuckoo and I’m dreaming of a figure with horns, idk.
  2. It was Astaroth wanting to help me out
  3. Belial transferred me to Astaroth for what I asked, maybe he thought I was annoying idk (I hope not)
  4. It was Belial with horns and I’m thinking too much of things

What I could do to figure out who it was

  1. Pendulum (I made a makeshift pendulum out of my favorite ring and a piece of yarn) *Cannot openly seem like I’m practicing right now
  2. Tarot
  3. I’m quite new at divination, so I’m not completely perfect at it, so I could try the above options secretly or ask someone that has mastered divination.
  4. Go with my intuition because my intuition def says it was Astaroth because I got a headache and felt a different energy that was not Belial’s. Belial energy to me is calmer, but also maybe I’m wrong about it being Astaroth.

I would say try telepathy. It sounds like you have contact, so banish the space of possible impostors, then think of the entities as you have seen them, and direct a question at them. Then wait for the feeling and intuition of the answer: write it down without thinking about it at first. Then ask another question. At the end then analyse what you got.