Belial answers

I invoked Belial for some questions:

Why have you been described to lie and prank magicians?
Why do some lie at all? Not one human being has not told a lie and you wrong me for being a liar?! Who are you? The answer to that question is not a challenge but something genuine, no matter how you answer that question it will be a lie because nothing is real, and your description of yourself is only an illusion.

Do you lie for the benefit of the magician or their demise or inconvenience?

I am a god! I control all things before me. It will be MY benefit!

And what could magicians offer you?

Power! You humans have more control over this world than I do! I can use your power!

How could one trust you with your description?

Like I said: have power! And you can trust me! I will not deceive in a harmful way to those with power.

You have been know to seduce women. Why?

PUUUUSSSSSSYYYY! ;D YEA! Because the female energy can be used in a variety of ways. Some times to sway men. Dominion over both genders brings me power.

Teach me something to unlock more power.

You’ll have to wait(a BIG laugh, hahahahahah!!!) but I will teach you something with unbelievable measures!

Why do you love blood?

Humans have the most power over this world. In exchange for my power I take a little life force from them to increase my power.

What were my mistakes before with women?

You lose your sanity over the female. You are male, rational, strategic. Don’t lose your mind and absorb her femininity. Keep in and give a little masculine energy to her. She’also love it.