Belial animals he likes to eat and offerings

Ok so Im a Tata. But my spirits in Palo have been telling me for awhile to work with Belial. For about 4 years now actually. I evocked him once. And yo that guy made my skin crawl. Literally. I saw scorpions even befor i knew he was the scorpion king. Thats how i knew it was legit. Any way i want to give hime an offering maybe a rooster or a goat. Has anybody on this forum ever done that? I have the license to sacrifice in Palo so for me to sacrifice an animal to him is fine. What would i do? Do the sacrifice on his sigil ? ive been told he likes Bourbon. Anyway from what i gather is the internet is a demonic realm. So to get any type of notariaty or presence online. You have to work with them because that is thier domain.


Fwiw a few of us here got links between Belial and the Lwa, which is different to your own current (I think) BUT links him out beyond “just being a middle eastern nature spirit” which is how some people percieve demons, and especially, the 72 named in the Goetia.

I can’t answer the question without evoking him and can’t do that today, hit me up by PM tomorrow (Thursday morning your time) if you want me to do a check-in though. :+1:

(Offer specific to this question & member, sorry, not channeling Belial on a free-for-all tomorrow, but I want to make sure the big guy gets what he likes most.)


I noticed that too, from reading and practice. I’ve never evoked Lwa but I did get the same energy as described in Voodoo stuff.

Also, from what I’ve found so far Belial really likes brandy and steak. I could be mistaken though and it just may have been effective for me.


Thank you for the offer. I would appreciate that. I’m sorry I dont know how to private message on this forum. Its changed alot. Belial has been trying to work with me for awhile now. Im a little scared because I had someone do a posession for me hes a Tata too. He works with Grimoirum Vernon. He said too be careful because Belial was a little too enthusiastic to work with me. This was about 3 years ago so I just decided to leave it alone. I did one of the rights in E.A.'s books years ago. Kind of like an iniation. But since Ive recieved my Ngangas I decided not to any evocations because I felt it was disrespectful to my Muertos. So a couple years ago a demon came to me in a dream and said were your brothers in arms Legions upon legions waiting for you to command us. Im interested to know why Belial wants to work with me? Salamone is my last name it is derived from Solomon Im My last name is Sicilian but everybody thinks I’m Jewish when they meet me. So maybe there is something there. The only thing Im not open too as an offering is giving my personal eeffects. ie. Blood Semen hair nails. I think thats crazy to do. I have no problem giving him blood of an animal though.

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You’re welcome! And you can message people if you click their avatars on any post, a little thing should open up, blue button with an envelope and Message on it.

I’ll ask him if he wants to share any information, I have thought you and him would get along well for a long time, just a general vibe. :smiley:


From what I’ve heard, an offering of your own Blood is the best but just a few drops.

I’ve offered fruits and Chocolates when I could to the Deities I worked with including King Belial and he gave me some helpful advice at times.

In addition to this, one can quit an addiction and dedicate it to him.

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Is Belial anything like Chango? Chango is my Father in Ocha Im as Chango as Chango gets. Im a fraternal twin Thats male. Im a musician Dj. My sign in Ifa says that I am a true son of Chango. A really old Babaluwoo told me that. Sarabanda is my Dad in Palo. hes like Ogun. But even in Palo people always mistake me for a son of Siete Rayo Chango. Hes possesed people and told me that he looks at me as his son.

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Lord Belial is highly Earth based energy. He focuses on correcting your root chakra.

He does remind me of Sango, but they are not the same entity.

They vary slightly because Sangos element of power if Fire. Lord Belials element of power is Earth like dirt / rocks.

Thats interesting because in my Trabajos in Palo I always try to use dirt rocks and crystals. Because the average rock has been around for 2 miillion years. theres alot of power in that.

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I agree. I always use rocks in my evocations. I prefer to do mine outside as well. Let’s them roam freely and not contained by my tiny ritual room.

Its too cold now to do it outside. But that’s something I’ve always thought to do. I haven’t done an evocation in years. Honestly I never saw anything I just felt a presence But every evocation i did to solve a problem or get something always got me the results i wanted. So thats all I really care about. Im starting to have faith in my abilities to hear what they tell me. Because my muerto talks to me all the time. He telles me stuff about people during readings and its awlays accurate. I dont do this as a profession though, I have a 9 to 5 just like everybody else.


lol. I’m a Free lancer. I don’t have a life xD

But yea they usually won’t show up unless you’ve been practicing chakra stuff.

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Yeah I don’t care about any of that stuff. I’m not looking to ascend my light body and all that bull shit. Just keep me and my family healthy Fuck up my enemies. Keep money in my pocket and expand my business Help me fuck mad bitches. I like material stuff money and hot women. All that New Age stuff isn’t for me. I dont need to see them if it gets results.


Chakras are real. Ifa doesnt talk about it. But alot of the stuff you do in ceremonys is clearly to hit your third eye.

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Centipedes. Red ones especially.


I have a question, Do you smoke at all? Cigarettes or weed or SHISHA?

That member hasn’t been on the forum in over two years, they more than likely won’t be able to answer your question. If you click on their picture, you can see a glimpse of their profile which will show you the last time they visited the forum.

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