Belial and the fate of "Steve"


As some of you know I am fond of Belial and what he can do. I have been working with him off and on as he made it clear that he is interested in my ascent.

I guess you could say he is my “baseline demon”. When I am around him I am filled with rage, lust, corruption, power, strength and clarity. Honestly I feel more human than human. I found that there is a reason I feel these feelings when I work with Belial. It is part of my internal alchemy, I learn to channel certain weaknesses and through an alchemical process I change them into raw energy to bolster a strength of mine. In this way my weaknesses become my strengths. This is the key I found when working with Belial.

Last go around King Belial was elucidating about his kingdom and its inhabitants when he mentioned 8 General Kings or War Kings under his command and their Queens or the gateways. Today he told me that to grab ahold of his power and become a Belial unto yourself one can evoke each War King, learn from them and then, when ready, evoke their Queen and she will test you. Completing her test signifies that you have “walked though a gate” and in doing so you have conquered a pair of demons and parts of yourself.

After all 8 Belial sees you as a “Light in the dark abyss of shared reality”

Needless to say I am all sorts of down for this. I had the idea that I could bind a king to “Steve” while I was working with him. (I bought a crystal skull and asked my occult friends on Facebook to help me name him as “Steve” was a place holder name…no one responded…so “Steve it is.”) Belial thought it would be more appropriate to bind a War King to something like a ring.

Anyways I am PUMPED! Belial has always been very public while Azazel insisted that I kept a lot of what he told me to myself. So if anyone is interested I can post my results with Belial and his War Kings.

and for your enjoyment

I feel the exact same way about Belial… he’s making a War King out of me.



(and thanks for the advice, as always!)

Please post the results of your workings with the War Kings, Orismen. There is always interest for new information. I will, hopefully, be working with Belial after I am finished with Azazel.

Congrats orismen i would also like to learn about these warkings

For a second there I thought you were talking about the Steve on this forum.

Anyways, that sounds awesome.

Yea, post your experiences. And good luck in this work! It sounds like you’re gonna have some challenges.


How good is it to come on here, and read stuff that relates to our own exploration - seriously thanks!!

I’m trying to be cool but, damn, I love this forum right now - the ambition, the scope, the fearless push to do MORE and be more… yeah.

you’ve made contact. that is fucking amazing to me. i can’t wait to hear more of what you are doing now that you have committed to working with your demon.

that sounds to me like an important section belial’s grammar. i’d like you to consider taking your notes from personal experience and eventually writing and publishing a grimoire of belial.

if you ever get a chance to visit the circle of the antichrist yahoo group (‎), say hi to gus mavroudis. he has been recruiting practical magicians to channel grimoires for each individual demon for over 2 years. it sounds like you have enough contact to write one for belial. thelotuseater, defectron, epicgnome, and a few others on here have enough contact to write a grimoire for dantalion if they want to. fratertahuti, cogitation, twf, poete, and ea have enough contact to write one for paimon. if any of you are interested, ask gus about his goetic project and take it from there. since you all are doing practical work and getting results it would be cool if you published grimoires to add to the canon of occult literature.

that’s pretty interesting that he would change from a crystal skull to a ring. i wonder why he did that?

post away! this is the kind of info i look for when i log on. i have NO interest in being a magickal trekkie or any kind of philosopher - i’m here for working experience and results. so your post is right up my alley.

Haha for a moment I thought you were going to bind the war king to some guy named steve, but yes I would be interested in hearing more about this.

I’m really fond of Belial too. I like how he gets right up in my face and speaks directly to me. He’s so not wishy-washy. And he loves offerings made of tin…(just a sidenote factoid :slight_smile: