Belial and King Paimon has Helped Me

Belial said sometime ago that the “second chance you have is the one you create for yourself.” Now, I understand his “tough love.”

I will be moving to another state in a couple weeks with a new job and a new place. As @Lady_Eva, @Eye_of_Ra, @Micah and others know my trials of homelessness from my previous posts, I have prayed and done many rituals to survive.

A church that I joined has been helping over the past few months with this move. With the help of King Paimon, I was able to convince this church that I was worthy of their investment of time and money in me. Others they have helped before have screwed them over. The pastor could see that I really wanted and needed this chance to “get myself together.”

So, I thank you all here on BALG and continue to ask for your prayers and rituals for me.

Praise Belial, Bune, King Paimon and the ancestors for helping me! And yes, Praise Jesus. Amen.