Belial and dreams

my dreams are all about sex,they start with sex and end up with me vandalizing something or someone,or lost in weird places,also i saw that i can stay in that state of half awake for hours and knowing that i am in that state and dreaming at the sametime * which is a cool thing …

in general,the dreams that are in relation with sex,they represent what?
like,in a dream that you have sex with 4 or more girls,stuff like that…

i also saw that things started to happen when i gave alot of blood to Belial,blood enough to cover his sigil,i won on lotto 3x,small prizes and i feel that he want me to gambling more,to spend more to gain a big quantity of money.

well,thats it…the question is also,how are your dreams when you work with Belial and what you do to deal with all that energy that he brings with him * hot energy full of pression *

he is pure power
if someone wants to share a few experiences,feel free!
thanks !

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Entities feeding off your sexual energy is what that is

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is this a good thing or just part of the bargain for being helped by the entity in question?
because i feel no harm in everything that is happening,i like those dreams.