Belial and a gift for him

Hello I’m thinking what could I give to belial here is my proposals
A) Cigarette? I smoke a lot :stuck_out_tongue:
B) Poem ?
C) Blood from my finger ?
Which is best?

Why don’t you take apart the cigarette take the tobacco drop your blood onto it burn it and recite a poem at the same time in his name.

That’s three offerings in one.


Ye i think same :smiley:

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Belial likes to see people drop bad habits. Such as cigarettes.

Stop smoking and he will be proud. :grin:


To tell you the truth, nothing is too big or too small to give a gift to Belial. What really counts is that you meant it sincerely from the heart that you were offering something that you consider of value to be worthy of a Gift.

If you want to take things from a practical POV, just read up on him in grimoires, and somewhere it will say that he requires much sacrifice as offerings. Essentially, you get what you Give. So if you give a great gift, you will receive a great gift in return as per details of your request if you successfully summon him.


Agreed, and if that seems a bit much, giving up for a specififed period for him is the kind of thing he’d probably LOVE to receive. :smiley:


So thats why i stopped smoking haha belial you handsome devil :smiling_imp:


I have heard of more than one case of people stopping smoking when they begin to work with Belial.


@PatrykPrz If you’re gonna give tobacco, give a private-reserve (boutique) cigar. Cigarette tobacco is not natural. It is artificially created/grown, genetically modified and processed beyond all fucks given. Plus, cigars have a much more pleasant aroma, at least when humidified. No herb beats the spicy aroma of a cigar when first being lit. :wink:

Pipe tobacco works well also, (especially for more smoke in rituals) but it is processed differently and is more infused with artificial flavors.


But i got natural tabacco im not buying cigarette idk but here in Poland like 1kg self made tabbaco from a lef cost 3-4$ and you can produce from that 500-700 cigarettes soo no talking about chemic in my tabacco:p

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Is it aged, or is it cheap plucks being sold in bags? Quality aged tobacco will be around $15 for a cigar but I have’t looked into buying the herb itself. I’m sure cured, aged, and humidified tobacco leaves will be MUCH more expensive per pound.

Gran Habano - Aged over six months, soil never turned, no pesticides.
Flor Dominicana - While they do use pesticides, their aged tobacco is top quality, its sweet by both smell and taste. They come from a variety of places but their Brazilian leaves are really rich.
A unique one I found is Esteban Carreras. Their covenant cigar fillers come from the Jalapa valley – Inhospitable to any foreign leaves and vice versa. Something rare as a sufficient gift. :crown:


D) Applebees gift card


Nothing will matter if the intention is not true (obviously i am not stating that this is your case,i am just expressing the way i think)
Usually i like to give things that i enjoy,like Beer,a fine cut of meat or whatever i am doing to eat so i do it more and share what i have,so i am sharing not only my appreciation but also sharing what i can put in the table,which i think very honest.


I mostly offer him things I wanted for myself, he seems to like those most of all. :smiley: