Belial Against Tyrany? What About Against Corrupt Drug Dealing & Gang Stalking Cops?

So apparently there’s this IT guy that the cops sold drugs to once upon a time, and ever since then have been involved in a very long and arduous covert war against him and his choice of sobriety.

Over the years they have used members of the drug industry to try and force him into being a drug dealer (even though he never was), what a bunch of tools… fuck corruption and associated tyranny!

Maybe some of you that work with Belial should channel his wisdom and see what he says in terms of making sure these narcissistic and psychopathic losers don’t get away with such atrocities…

I mean, they have done everything they could to try and make this guy commit suicide. Is this the world we want to live in? Where the simple right of life has to be fought for on a daily basis?

Personally I believe that drugs should be legalized as that would then rule out corruption, the associated and not-so-covert gang stalking, misinformation and fear mongering, etc…

Let me know what you guys think and if you get any news from Belial on the form of tyranny that is being questioned above. What agenda do the police really have? And who are they working for?

I´m leaning on Belial or Asmoday. More so on Belial.

I’d believe it if corrupt cops were buying illegal substances but this is… confusing. Do you have a source for this?

Why don’t you channel him? We’re not a messaging service. Also there are tons of forum posts on Belial and his views on this sort of stuff. Use the search function.

No, it would not root out any of those things.

Just because you legalize something that is genuinely harmful to people, it doesn’t mean the problems associated with it are going to suddenly disappear.

While I agree the effects of marijuana are often blown out of proportion, the information about other drugs usually isn’t.

A close relative of mine got addicted to meth, cocaine and heroin and turned from a carefree, bright and overall awesome person into an obnoxious fuck boy. He missed a lot of great career opportunities and important family events and his health declined. He could’ve wasted his life away and been kicked out onto the streets. But he ultimately decided he wanted to get better since he knew it was ruining his life. He’s been two years clean and he’s doing really well.

Depends on the police officer.

Well, I’m not an expert, but they’re supposed to be working for the law.

But power corrupts everyone, and that makes certain people do things that they shouldn’t be doing.