Beleth and cats

I found myself curious about King Beleth after seeing an illustration depicting him as a cat.
I looked into it more and while there’s no mention of cats in any of his descriptions, the typical Goetic illustration has him accompanied by three cats playing trumpets, while the dictionairre infernal or however it’s spelled, has the cat playing the trumpet.
I was wondering if anyone has any personal thoughts or experiences about this connection, since it seems like there isn’t any “official” explanation about it anywhere.

Okay spirits have both sexes, Beleth feels like a Love Goddess and very cat friendly


Yeah I did read some sites that said Beleth can appear as a female, but nothing about cats.
There seems to be a big overall connection with cats though, heck much of the demon pantheon is a lion, leopard, part-feline or something.

Many spirits, particularly demons and angels, are often said to manifest in the form of animals or with animal features.

Cherubs, for example, are described as having two wings and four faces, that of a lion, an ox, a human, and an eagle.

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Yeah it’s really fascinating.