Belated thanks to the skinny lady

I must give my thanks to Santa Muerte. I actually gave up on her at one point but eventually after almost a year she granted every single thing I asked for. I owe her a big apology. I will start casting more spells with her now.


Make sure then before you start to manipulate your energy that your indulgence has granted you for having set it aside on the road, the lady in the shadow of death is very delicate!

Hi, I don’t understand this question. Could you rephrase it?

The Crowned Queen of Roses is a delicate deity in majesty, just as she is a mother and given to all she chooses, she is also strictly demanding in her relationship for those who seek her, she told him to make sure that she has granted her forgiveness. for putting aside the time you did before calling her back to work

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I will do that immediately

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