Beings Communicating With Me When I Meditate - Who/What Are They?

Hey all, apologies for the lengthy post, but just curious to see if anyone could shed some light on this.

For the past couple of months, every now and again when I meditate, I’ve been able to hear some female voices whispering to me in a language I don’t understand. It’s gradually been getting louder and clearer as the time goes on and it occurs usually when my focus and psychic fitness is high enough to be able to ‘tune in’ on it through the darkness. But last night it seems that I really broke through to something, and it’s left me both really excited and a little freaked out.

Basically, I finally made contact with the beings whispering to me, and I have no idea who or what they are. They are indeed female, and seem to have bright yellow eyes, dark hair and their mannerisms are very catlike; sniffing around me, eyeing me curiously and making short growling noises in between their whispers.

They don’t seem to mean me any harm, but there were a few instances where they genuinely scared me. They seemed to be crawling around me whispering to me and to each other softly, but then their tone would become quite aggressive towards me; as if they were trying to tell me something and they were frustrated that I didn’t understand.

At one point they seemed to be getting quite affectionate, nuzzling and rubbing their heads against me the way a cat would. But then one of them grabbed a fistful of my hair, yanked my head to the side and started sternly whispering and hissing into my ear; as if she was trying to tell me something vital, something I need to be doing, and she seemed angry that I didn’t understand her.

After a while, she eased off, looked at me apologetically, smiled, whispered something, and then they both disappeared.

The language they spoke sounded something like Hebrew, but I’m honestly not sure. They did mention two names: Lilith, who they referred to as Lilitu, and they laughed playfully as they did so, like they were gossiping to each other, as if to suggest that they know her and/or know I work with her. The other was Naamaa, whom I’ve never worked with before.

The other words I could make out were something like ‘Putu’, and something like ‘Kah-rrah’ (with a rolled ‘R’).

Does anyone know potentially who they could be? I feel as though I need to try and connect with them more and maybe try to make some sense of what they’re trying to tell me. I figure if I get a grasp of who or what I’m dealing with I’ll be able to try and communicate them better (if it’s safe or advisable to even communicate with them at all).

Many thanks indeed to anyone who can help.

Call out to them and see

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Indeed, next ritual I do I’m going to try and make contact with them again. Really curious and eager to keep reaching out to them. Just want to make sure I’m being as careful and equipped as I can be about it all.

Try asking, them to send energetic imprints into your third eye that, you’ll maybe decipher


pretty cool… if nothing else.
U got a cat girl fangirling and saying “notice me senpai” for a few months.
Maybe you’re of their race… maybe you’re an Ardat lili’s spawn… …
Anyway, now that you can talk with then… yeah just ask them

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