Being of water, fire, stone etc

Hello, lately I spoke to a psychic and he told me there were beings of water, beings of fire, beings of stone and maybe other elements, I don’t remember. But I know for sure that he told me that in this life I was a stone being and that in a past life I was a water being. I have no clue what he was talking about and I didn’t have time to ask but now I have to admit this intrigues me. Do you know what is this all about?

What is your zodiac sign that can usually tell you what element you are born under.

I’ve checked zodiac signs but it only lists fire, earth, air and water. There’s no stone…

Go with earth? Stone comes from the earth so that’d be my first guess

Hmm possibly then

Hard to give any.guesses. We do not know what you actual conversation was about.

I would be very wary of anyone who tells you things like that. Or anyone else who might try and massage your ego with how “special” you are. They are liable to be the worst kind of people - either out purely to manipulate you, or else lacking in their own life and wanting to feel special themselves.

There are elemental spirits - in fact there are spirits for most anything. But you are not a stone being, you are a human being. “Stone beings” are in stones. “Figs do not grow from thistles” etc.

We are talking about Occult things; I do not think the Being meant she was some special stone. It was probably talking about something else you do not even understand.

Lola quite clearly said it was a psychic who said it, not a “being.”

Yeah by psychic I meant a sort of fortune teller. Does that make sense? Sorry if I have confused anyone but English isn’t my native language.

Do you think they may have meant this was your dominant element?

I’ve never heard of stone being used that way, but metal is an element in feng shui, also linked to astrological sign, so in one life a person may be a “Water Dog” and then someone else a Water Dragon (I’m reasonably ignorant about this, so only quoting examples given by people I’ve talked to who do know that system).

What was the background of the fortune teller? That might shed some light on the system they use. Or maybe they just have their own concepts, based on personal discoveries and experiences, that happens a lot.

they do not know what they are talking about. Listen to the psychic and ask him or her to expand on what it can see. This is not about being special. These are elementals you are related to because they chose you in this life and other lives for specific reasons as its related to a spiritual goal. These are the elements that exist in ALL human bodies, but within you they have a more pronounced specific charge due to certain reasons.

Your answer is the last one on the far Lower Right of this chart. This is what I work with: