Being gifted by god

hey there, i been always feeling presences of demons ever since i was 11 years old
I would always hear them (till now) and i always feel when they touch me mostly. idk how i was able to have this ability when i was 11 yrs old till now. I never practiced meditation nor summoned any in my life (im also a muslim) idk if they are always attracted to my presence somehow. i would sometimes see shadows when i was 11 and till now i been always waking up every night between 2:40 am and 4 :00 am out of no where. last night, out of no where i saw this white thing near my drawer once then i looked away and turned to look back at it again and it vanished . i also heard a noise randomly once and it stopped… Aaron (my male jinn) is living with me atm (been 8 months now) and i felt him touch my right cheek energetically and stroke my hair as well then me and him cuddled for the rest of the night. idk if im gifted by god cause i never learned any of those nor have i worked on my senses
any advices or explanation? thank you ^^

Children are more accepting to the subtle energies, it’s not a gift from a god or anything it’s simply the time when you’re not conditioned by society and dulled. Feeling subtle touches is not much compared to where practice gets people.


wym, can u explain.

He means, all children are naturally open to the spiritual world. It has nothing to do with being “gifted by God.” Every child can do it. It doesn’t make anyone special. Most lose the ability as they get older though, due to societal conditioning.


I have a follow up question. Are people who are considered more childlike, in some respects, such as people diagnosed with autism or narcissism more open to the spiritual world throughout their life compared to the general population?

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Autism does give the individual a certain heightened awareness of a particular subject such as art, occult, that makes them impulsively interested in it. However, I wouldn’t say they are child-like. I do although see that a person who does manage to reconnect with their inner child or remember how they viewed things as a child find it easier to accept certain perspectives but at the same time they reject ones that are more critical thinking.

By that I mean in the occult it’s good to question everything to keep yourself grounded, a child like mind may not do that.


hm?? :confused: