Being “flakey” to a demon

Let me try to explain it so you understand what I mean.

I have a divination spirit that I’ve asked to help me open my abilities right ?

Problem is the weather here is very flip floppy.

I live in a house with like 6 people and live in the living room at that. So I can’t do exercises inside. Not only that but there’s no heat in the living room either.

Last time I evoked this spirit it was like 20 degrees at the lowest and 30 something at the highest not including the wind so ofc I might have told the the spirit I would start doing it regularly but then again I don’t want freeze my ass off out in the shed.

I’m burnt out from work as it is but there was a time to where I would do it right after work so there’s no excuses there.

Considering my living situation do you think the demon would feel insulted when I ask it for help but then kinda flake ?

It’s warming up and will be spring soon here and I wanted to start doing meditation/ senses type stuff regularly again.

Not sure how this spirit would feel helping me , again . It could be screaming obscenities at me when I evoke it but I wouldn’t know, my clairaudience isnt open.

I know these entities are understanding of humans for the most part and that’s why I like them but everyone’s patience wears out at some point.

If you have to ask mate, you probably already know the answer. There’s a possibility he’s mad at you but I would just try to speak to him again. If he’s mad at you try to smooth things over with an offering. If he’s not then thank him for being patient

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Most spirits are understanding of those conditions. Do you nap often?

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hi there - well i would say that deep down you know the answer but try deep meditation first get the right mind set then the other parts wont matter , dont set a boarder to your self be open

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bathroom ? with some blankets? my house is unheated too its been damn cold - my workings room (ie bedroom :D) is about 8 degrees all winter -_- SOO looking forward to warmer weather!