Being equal to spirits

Will soon perform my first evocation or invocation and I want to understand the power dynamic between human and spirit. I understand when someone is working with Father Lucifer for example and they consider themselves free, having a comlpletely independant will and in a “business” partnership with him. However, when we assess the power of both partners, one being an average to very powerful mage and the other being the emperor of Hell and a very ancient god, it is clear that one is more powerful than the other. It doesn’t have to be a “business” relationship, it could be mentorship or anything. Are they equal because it is not in the nature of spirits to enslave you but only to retaliate if they get offended?

The power dynamic is one of the most controversial and potentially messed up things about demonic magic. Demons will teach you how power actually works if you pay attention. So don’t think, omg Lucifer is so much more powerful than me. I highly suggest two way communication with the spirit and don’t feel pushed into doing things that are to your determent.