Being discouraged. Any advice?

I am still new to magick and everything and I have recently been really discouraged. I struggle so much with meditation as I cannot sit still or I get distracted easily. (I have autism,which is probably why) I feel so discouraged after hearing about other people and their success with meditations. I keep looking on the forums and nothing seems to be working for me. I mean, I did sigil gazing and it seemed to be flashing but other than that I am stuck on what to do. Everyone tells me to focus on meditation first and I have been doing so for months. I usually feel a tingling in the middle of my forehead but I do not notice anything different. Honestly, I thought about giving up multiple times but I keep getting drawn back by something or just by wanting to make my life the way I want it. Any advice?


Not gonna lie, I’ve gotten really good results by now and I really haven’t focused on meditation outside of divination (very brief). Although meditation is good for various reasons, you don’t need it to get good results if that’s what you want. Get some of The Gallery of Magick’s books, particularly Damon Brand’s works, maybe The Master Works of Chaos Magick by Adam Blackthorne and also his Sigils of Power and Transformation, and also The Magick of Angels and Demons by Henry Archer, I could get astonishing results in all of them without meditation. Of course meditation is still good as mental issues can arise, but I’d say those books are pretty safe, since many normal people use them rather frequently and get good success without issues.


Get some of The Gallery of Magick’s books

yep… maybe is just a question of trying different types of magick. The books of The Gallery of Magick are very easy to follow. The rituals are simple enough and it usually just take repetition.


I’m new too and just now, in the last 2 weeks, getting results after my first “thing” the very first time I tried.

Don’t get discouraged because you can’t see anything different. Magic really feels normal.

Maybe you should keep doing meditations and something else? Maybe you can cast spells so your friends can get cool stuff they want but they don’t need. This way you will take distance from the outcome and therefore you won’t lust for results. Once you start seeing result after result your confidence in your own practice will be way stronger.

Also, what else are you doing? I mean, the meditation is cool since it will help you with more than one thing, but what exactly are you trying to do? Evocation? Because you don’t need to hear and see anything at all to get results.

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It blends in your reality so well,it feels like you have been dealing with it all the time. :smiley:


Basically. It is amazing. A few days ago I experienced it and managed to realize what was happening. And since it had to be NOW, it happened that exact moment I asked something, not really needed a ritual. Best part? It was with a menial, manual task and I kept an eye on the clock. 30% of time saved! That’s no way that was a coincidence or anything.


Well nothing other than meditation as of now. So many people told me it was the most important thing. But I mean a while back I was in financial troubles and was unable to afford food so I would ask Lucifer for help and I would be given food by strangers although that was more asking than evocation or invocation but I did not meditate or anything for that. But I have not noticed anything recently, due to trying to work on meditation.

Well… if you’re not trying to acomplish anything else, then there is no reason for anything else to happen, mate.

This doesn’t seem like a failure to me, honestly. I think you’re doing fine.

Why don’t you start a project with one spirit, to get something specific, and just go from there?


That really makes me feel better. I will have to look for those books and get them. Thank you. I have heard good things about The Gallery of Magick’s books. I have Gordon Winterfield’s Demons of Magick book but have yet to actually see results. I have done a couple of the rituals before and have felt a bit light headed after so I know I did feel something. I guess they just need their time?

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Yeah, I will do that. I have Gordon Winterfield’s Demons of Magick book and have done a few of the rituals but have yet to see results. Honestly it sometimes makes me wonder if I am even doing it right. But I will keep trying with the book and see what happens. I will get other books and try to work with those as well.

Also, see magic as any other skill: learning is a process and there is nothing wrong in failing a thousand times as long as you fail a little better every time.


Ahh Demons of Magick really is a wonderful book, but it can be difficult to nail down the ritual properly as there are so many subtle things to keep in mind… so I’ll recommend you get The Magick of Angels and Demons by Henry Archer next, it’s similar to Demons of Magick since it also uses a Ruling Angel and the Emissary Angels, but the ritual is so much simpler. I did a ritual some time ago, messed up names, was very nervous (didn’t have enough time to prepare) yet the results have been unbelievable so far, worked almost instantly, so highly recommend trying it and remember when you finish a ritual, your reality has been seal, the thing you desire is essentially already yours, that’s the mindset you should have.


Important to note: I did not feel anything throughout the whole ritual, it absolutely did not feel like there was any presence, but they still heard me and the results have been amazing. So you don’t need to feel anything for it to work, just trust that it will and go on.


Honestly, I have had results with the same power as “magick” just through simple prayers to Norse Gods in the past. It can work unbelievably well.

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You shouldn’t compare yourself to others… If you want to use the comparison, compare yourself to only yourself! Probably you’ve heard that in the past

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Im also in the same boat with getting discouraged, but you gotta power through it. Ive been trying all the techniques for TGS and getting into the rapture state but with no luck. Im not sure if its because I toke multiple times a day, every day or if its because of my adderall or anything else. I know I have the ability to do it. I just cant seem to get static rain no matter how I draw my sight back and how much I relax. Its really frustrating because I just want to ask Lilith directly for a Succubus since the letter method did not work for me the 4-5 times I tried it. Well get where we want to be soon though : )

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Doubt and fear are the first obstacles to true power. At a certain point you have experiences so extreme you cant turn back so to speak.

Your mind will temporarily break because it cannot comprehend what just happened.

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Have you tried my original void meditation?
It might help as I designed it to at first give your mind something to do and a subconscious program to help fast track you into what is needed for this type of work.

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