Being cursed how can i counter it?

Hello all. I’m pretty sure my x is cursing me. The problem is she knows I can counter it. So I believe she hired another witch to do this. Does anyone know the best way to combat this? Other than psychic protection techniques? Best entity to summon? Best ritual? Any feed back helps.



You might try the angel Sakatos from E.a’s Evoking Eternity book. Sakatos clears that physical and metaphysical arena of all barriers to personal ascent…I have also seen Deggal (also an angel) do the same thing on egregores though I kinda doubt he did it solely by himself but with the aid of spirits in his network. And, that might be an idea especially if they can anticipate that you will use the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram.

Now, to launch a counter strike? If you have a decent area to practice magic, I would call up what E.A. refers to as “The Evocation of the 4 brothers”. They are basically the equivelant of a dark magicians version of the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram…to put it very loosely.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

To be honest though, if you an long standing relationships with an entity, they may prove even more useful than starting with a spirit that is brand new for you to work with, although I will say…
Azazel likes to WIN.


Something like this.

Best entity to summon for this? IMO Bael, Vine, or Michael.


Thanks Magic! This helps a lot. I generally use piamon to bind others from interfering with my life. which works wonders. But wasn’t sure how if I didn’t know the target.

Thanks so much. I have problems with Vine lol not sure if it’s because of the water and I’m of fire?

I’ve actually been reading a book on protection magic based on Louisiana Hoodoo, Tibetan Tantrika and Roman witchcraft. This book is called “Protection and Reversal Magick” by Jason Miller if you’re interested. The author recommendeds using mirrors to reflect the curse back onto the caster. You can also look up ritual baths to protect yourself from further harm. The book I am reading has some recommendations: for a cleansing bath, use white oak bark, cinnamon and pine needles; and the reversing harm bath uses eucalyptus leaves, red pepper and rue. Try summoning protection spirits to keep the curse from happening further and use reversal magic to get back at the original curser. Hope this helps you.


Thank you! I’ll check out that book for sure. I’ve used mirrors before, it does help but needs to be maintained quite a bit. I’m kinda trying to see if I can bind the caster …With out knowing who the caster is? Lol

As I watched and listened, many of the techniques advised sounded like me talking. That short film was great stuff! Love it! I once cursed a fucktard to death and then had the added bonus of his murderer being killed just before his wedding night! Two for the price of one! Great material.



Thanks lmao!

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You can use a mixture of saturn,jupiter and lunar magics to banish the curse off yourself, bind it to an object (poppet,crystal ect),reflect it back or just repel it. planetary spirits can accomplish the same. a mixture of both combined with types of shielding could provide layered defences if needed.


Very cool, thank you! I’ll look into that as well.