Being courted by a spirit

My first teacher the RHP kabbalist told me when a student reaches a certain point of development it’s very normal for spirits to reach out to them. Wanting to tell them something perhaps, waiting to work with the student, could be alot of reasons the spirits make contact.

I think I find that her view is basically correct and. The spirits ( from many pantheons) do reach out to the student, in dreams typically if the student doesn’t have clairs yet.

Or through a variety of other ways. I have a deck of demon tarot cards and this week the spirit Marax has come out twice for me in my one card a day draw. What are the odds of that. Twice in one week…hmmm

So I plan to evoke Marax this weekend and determine what’s going on.

Does anyone else notice the spirits are courting them also?


I consider them “calling cards” as a friend of mine called them. I rarely reach out to spirits, because they tend to appear on their own when I’m ready.

King Paimon out of everyone was the most direct, followed by Aeshma. I still remember the dream I saw King Paimon in. I woke up in awe. It was an unforgettable dream.


I get Prince Orobas in my dreams quite regularly, and king Bael and Lucifer.


That’s awesome. Lucifer has appeared only thrice in my dreams. If he does appear as someone else I haven’t learned to recognize him yet. I love dream work, it’s super fun.


I’m a “born again” LHPer and barely getting back on the horse after about 15 years and Duke Focalor has reached out to me in a meditation once. (Few months ago)

Soon after I was Evoking Earl Raum and Duke Vepar in a dream.

Last week Grand Duke Dantalion came to me in my dream and granted me wishes. One of them came true today!! (As promised)

Although been working with Duke Dantalion recently and have evoked him a few times formally. However I have NEVER worked with Duke Focalor, Earl Raum and Duke Vepar ever. Infact I didn’t even know their offices and powers when they came to me. Had to look them up when I woke up/came out of meditation.

Thanks for making this post, comes at an appropriate time for me.


I have had this happen. Sometimes they (or their sigil) will appear in dreams. A couple times while on the edge of sleep, I heard their voice directly in my ear saying “Call on me”! Then upon waking, thinking of them constantly.

I’ve noticed there can be an intimacy that develops as you deal more closely with certain spirits. Where they’ll offer help more often without asking. Even sometimes arrive just to check on you, or even become kind of affectionate. Their mind becomes merged with yours and become “co-pilots.” Their voice gets louder, they speak more freely, forced OBEs start happening, etc. They become Familiars to you, more or less.


Your quite right my friend. That’s very true. Sometimes we pick the spirits, sometimes they pick us.

I’ve noticed the spirits I deal with frequently seem to be getting stronger and stronger too. I’m not sure what’s going on with that.


Yeah that’s exactly how they are.

I notice that spirits I make blood offerings to the connection is much stronger also , and is made much faster.

I think your right about the energetic link making a big difference in the spirits abilities to interact meaningfully with you.

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Mmmm yes in a way.

Or come to them to act as agents, as conduits of ability, if you will.

It’s a two way street at that point where your working with the spirit. They want to work with people that can make them look good, that can act as examples of what they can teach or help with.

It’s as much ego as it is altruism, in my opinion. Not judging it as wrong or less worthy…nothing like that. It’s similar to the teacher that guides the more advanced student towards more advanced problems.

Anyone can continue to learn, if they apply themselves and use what they’re taught, so this isn’t some sort of gate keeping thing, either. I’ve said some really stupid things, taken less…“enlightened” positions, and they still come to me.

An example is Pele. I’m Caucasian (edit - there are racist opinions of who can work with her). Pele wanted someone to to work with to start cleaning out a grimoire. Could’ve been anyone. I just happened to be in Hawaii and more connected to the land. But I have the abilities and the connections with Abaddon and Belial that set the groundwork. Didn’t realize it at the time, though. I just worked hard, tried hard, and kept patiently trying to learn from them.

My opinion is that if you’re willing to learn, willing to work, and willing to listen, they will seek you out. Having those three pieces is like the three sides of a manifestation triangle, in my opinion.