Being bullied/attacked. Desperately need help

Im being attacked by a person or a spirit and I dont know what to do at all! My attacker showed me that he has both me and my mother in pots/jars and is constantly manipulating me and my mother. I have been attacked since November of 2019(correction Ive been attacked since way longer I just had no idea). I have a slight burning sensation on my right foot and a burning sensation on my head or scalp. I have been experiencing the ascension symptoms but this is more than that. Now they are making me think I’m going crazy and making me argue with her. They keep saying “find inner peace” but every time I try to move on they terrorize me. The last time I went downtown I was moved to tears and a huge wave of negativity rushed over me. I know who one of my attackers is and I cut him off on all platforms but he still terrorizes me.

In the beginning they manipulated me in multiple ways and even controlled my body and my thoughts. They are constantly watching me and I haven’t even appropriately had any sleep. I tried to get a reading and the whole reading was absolute bullshit and she didnt give me any help. Im desperate!

I believe in connected to 3 people. I tried a bath and it barely worked.

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This is just my opinion, but it is rather odd that they would show YOU -the victim- that they have you in jars. It is rather counterproductive when it comes to cursing, unless you are relying on the victims state of mind and them obsessing over it to create their own curse. You think you were cursed, so you are drawing in your misfortune.

Someone with real power would not have to show that to instill fear in their target, and from the sounds of it, you have really bit the apple there.

You can find cleansings and unbindings here on the forum.

You are probably not going to find this ‘helpful’, but I would suggest that you stop worrying about this ‘curse’. Focus on other things. Your dreams and goals and hobbies. Make plans and structure your life. Put distance between you and those thoughts that you are cursed. Don’t dwell on it. Give it zero power and focus instead on empowering and advancing yourself.

Find some things to be thankful for and recognize your appreciation for them in life. It doesn’t matter how big or small they seem to you. Try to find three new things to be thankful for everyday and just take a moment to state your gratitude.

You are the controller here.

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I sent a P.M.

It just seems so strange. Really it does! I’m such a newbie so I dont even really know how anything works. I dont know what this energy is but it almost seems conscious like I keep coming across things and they seem to be in sync every time. The reading I got told me I was alone and to start an altar, but when I started it 2 days later I got anxious and all I could think about what the person who may have attacked me.

I cant give superior advice to Ryce, but If you want magick rites to perform, try damon brands peotection magick, LBRP(even the kabbalistic cross alone can help) or solar banishing (on this forum)

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What do you mean by ascension symptoms?

I would tell you the opposite. I personally went through this, where I thought my husband was being attacked by parasites, astral doubles or something. Please please do not ignore it and focus on the positive. People think they can positive think there way out of bad situations, and it is a good way that allows this stuff to brew and eventually overwhelm a person and even drive them psychotic, so no, i would suggest you set some time every day to focus on this negative, how they got people in jars, or whatever crap it it is, and then deliberately do activities to get rid of it.


Easier said than done. I’m to a point where now I have no energy for or to do anything and I havent been even getting any sleep and it seems no practitioner will help me.

This is exactly what is happening. As time goes by it gets worse and worse and I don’t even know the specifics of what’s happening to me. All I know is I’m being terrorized and I’m feeling massive head pressure and I have no energy to do anything.

And they keep telling me that they’re “riding my back” or whatever

I told you before there are banishing and unbinding aplenty here on the forum. Search for them and find one that you can feasibly do. There was even one linked in this very thread for you.

While you are combating this, you should try to focus on better things in your life, like I suggested before. It can even be taking small steps to improve your life, like decluttering your home and making sure your environment is neat and tidy.

You need to be proactive, and assert yourself. Develop your magical powers. Learn how to direct energy. Research wards and charms and shields and put those up. Do a limpia. Cut the ties of the curse. If you know the person who did this to you, bind them and redirect the curse. A return to sender. If you want to borrow on other beings powers, you can research spirits to petition and help you as well. There are plenty of options you can explore if you want to go on the offensive and get your elbows greased with magick. Empower and help yourself. You are the only person YOU can really count on. Its kind of like that saying with teaching a man to fish.

Clear and re-establish/strengthen your aura, clear your environment, and cut the curse. In your words, easier said than done, and all three freed on each other. Take actions to supplement the cleansing of those three aspects of your life to cut power from the cursed jars. >.> There are tutorials on how to do all three of those things within the forum.

You are in control of your reality, moreso than this curse. You can overcome it. It may not seem like it right now, but you can do wonders when you put your mind to it. You are more powerful than this ‘curse’ and its the curses greatest trick to instill that feeling of powerlessness. Which is why I suggested a shifting of focus to begin with.

However, I will admit @Jastiv has a very good point. I was being too wishy washy initially. Underestimating how deep this goes in your life.

Develop a routine you can stick to and do your daily defensive and reflective practices. Turn that energy on itself and send it packing. Keep it gone with good psychic hygiene.

If you go into this with a ‘nothing really works’ mindset then you are already defeated. There are plenty of resources here to where you can build yourself up. You can do this. You are worthy of a good life. Take back your power and learn.


Thank you I will do all I can. Your advice is much appreciated.