Being Attacked

Hey there! So it turns out I’m being attacked by this cunt of a family member out of jealously. I’ve managed to nullify the incoming curses but her spirit body sometimes visits my bedroom in the night. I’m always waking up at 3am and seeing her standing over the bed trying to spit hatred and vitriol towards me. It appears that her spirit is in a kind of auto pilot as she looks in a daze and not fully conscious at all. Nevertheless this is still a problem and quite unpleasant to say the least.

Any suggestions to stop her from entering my bedroom at night? I’ve tried runic wards, angels, etc but she still manages to get through sometimes.

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let her know you know shes there also if your into chakra use your colors man

What difference will make if I tell her? I think she knows anyway because we’ve been in a Magickal war for the past months anyway. Like I said she can no longer affect me and is no longer a danger but she is rather fucking annoying and I would like her out of my life forever. I just can’t seem to do that :confused: