Being a virgin

Hello Everyone,

I hope that does not sound pervert but I was wondering If being a virgin has any good benefits when doing rituels, connecting angels, casting spells etc.




So it is good for me.

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Depending . The sexual tension from not having gotten laid or ever having had sex is the more fuel for power , least to my perception…I still hold my v with a sort of pride


Yeah I am also still holding my virginity.


I believe so, I to am still pure in the same aspect. I believe that the offering of your body in purity creates a stronger bond with spirits, as well as including the possible option of becoming a Holy Vessel or Host for a spiritual being. This is not the same as possession and is very valuable because of the bond that it creates with the spirit whose blessing you seek and yourself. I wish to become the physical vessel of Samael through the acceptance of Queen Lilith and Her Sister Queen’s as fit for the role because of virginal purity. A virgin’s energies are stronger because they have not yet been tapped or syphoned of any energy which requires slowly allowing for the recovery of spent energy. Essentially we have a greater pool of energy to draw from.

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Thank you for your sincere reply :pray:t2:

Get rid of the virgin word. Just think of it as not having someone special in your life yet. The word itself sometimes have negative influence cuz of how society look down on it. Just reframe it to not finding someone worth connecting to that level yet. It’s only a big deal if u make a big deal of it.

It’s more about energy surplus. Not having sex for days is one of the requirement for some spells to be more powerful. Everything is about energy control since we are energy beings. Think of yourself like and energy bank. Is it in debt or surplus?

Too much sex and one depletes energy and it affect one’s health of mind/body which can make people not be grounded or think proper. Not talking about just with another. It can be too much with self too.

It’s about sexual energy. Many greats in history are virgins and they redirect it to creativity and other aspects of life.


My native language is not English so I did not know another way to express myself.

1 Like AS u can see, being virgin doesn’t limit your potential. some of the greats are virgins.

I think it’s a little sad that they got to experience the joy of sex. I miss sex. One of the many downsides of isolation.

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depends on who’s it with. Some people have trauma that haunts them for life due to bad experience since little cuz of shameless relatives.

It’s not the sex itself that matters. I think it’s the hormones and intimacy connection that people like it. I wouldn’t know. :man_shrugging: i’m innocent myself. lol Asexual is a good thing. =o)

Lol Tesla … once ur iq is 250 you really think there’s anyone that can mentally meet you on your level , lol poor guy Jesus never even put him in the textbooks

Yeah sometimes I think being sexual is a curse. I do think that when it’s with someone you love it can be amazing. Are you aromantic if you don’t mind me asking?

@Shane_Prigmore i have plenty attraction to ladies. just looks alone don’t do it for me. It don’t motivate me. Too many ladies have no substance. If they show interest they run away quick cuz i’m the slow type. I like to get to know people for real not just to sleep with them. I know. it’s not the norm. Most are first impression type of people: they think ‘you know if u sleep with them first time u meet them kind of people’ . They let labels influence rather then the person.

There’s another word Sapiosexual. I’m that too. lol. meaning attracted to intelligent people. So if they show low intelligence or no common sense. It’s a turn off. When people give up or don’t put effort into being better. I dislike that too. You can tell. Those that don’t want better never are willing to feel emotions or heart to heart talk. They avoid any kind of uncomfortable feeling. They want smooth nice all the time. They don’t realize many things in life will be uncomfortable. All new experience is uncomfortable as it’s flight/fight experience kicking in. Even if it’s good experience. It’s also confusion which means new experience. Too many people want familiarity even if it’s abuse from bad bf.

They will avoid good people like me cuz they not use to people being nice. It feels weird to them when they so use to being mistreated. It’s sad to see and you can’t do much cuz of their poor conditioning.

Theres’ a different between being sexual and being obsess due to dna or society programming of ‘sex all the time attitude’.


Same , I’m attracted to energy and intelligence , physical beauty with no substance is the most depressing thing , and a majority of people love it


Nothing wrong with people being obess or loving sex physically. however, i think they go too far in it that it controls their life and even destroy their goals/paths to be better people. they so focus on the sex act goal instead of the relationship building.


Yeah, except there’s masturbation. You can be a virgin and still waste your essential life force energy just jackin’ it a lot. Maybe even more than people who get laid.

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So long as u use the sperm to fuel future sigils and spells…and not waste it…and this also draws entities in which is to the operator’s advantage

That’s how I intend to use it nowadays. If I can find a way to take ALL that energy from the past and put it towards spells in the future, it won’t feel like a waste. Otherwise, just gotta do my best moving forward, y’know?