Behaviour of a cursed target?

Simple and short question : when you curse a target (who is not aware you cursed him/her), do you notice a change in his behaviour to you as soon as the curse is starting to produce its effects ?

Supposing you noticed some changes :
a) which changes ?
b) what would be your explanations of such a change of behaviour toward you ?

Define the type of curse, please.

any kind, that is not important. Something that lead to make the target be really unhappy.

I’ve noticed targets become unhappy with the thing I cursed in a matter of days.

Number one, ubiquitous effect - reports of seriously upsetting nightmares the very next day.

Thanks guys, but I didnt ask how the target felt when being cursed, but how did he BEHAVE with you as soon as the curse start to produce effects, and if you noticed any difference between the “before” and “after” the curse.

Before: This person was too snotty and too invested into his life to look at me. So, I cursed his life.

After: He always crosses the street if I’m on the same side, he glances at me and I can feel the uncertainty, and he cancels appointments if he knows I will be there.

I didn’t curse to kill him, I just cursed his life.

Thanks Sevarn

Ok, I’m gonna say now why I did ask that question.

As soon as the curse started to produce its effects, the target - who didnt know I cursed him obv - became very sweet with me.

Therefore I wanted to know whether some of you had also experienced this.

Maybe a rude target sweetens to you because his uncounscious/HS knows he (the target) shoudn’t mess with you anymore ?

I know that theory could sound odd but noticing a rude target getting sweet to you as soon as the curse is starting is odd by itself as well.

Stranger things have happened.

I cursed a friend’s relationship, because I suspected and had done divinations to confirm her boyfriend was cheating on her, but she refused to listen to me. Asked me how I could possibly know (I’ve never told anyone of my sorcerer-hood) what her boyfriend is doing.

So I cursed the relationship, and the boyfriend. The former to die, the latter to disappear because I only really curse people to kill them if they fuck with ME directly.

Since then, the boy has acted like I don’t exist- even questioning my friend about who I am when brought up in conversation. I’ve made a note of this.

But the girl has sweetened towards me, uncomfortably so, considering I’m after another. So, odd.

Humans are weird, the way they react to being cursed.

I need to get back into cursing people.

Lapsed for a while. Oddly my mentally had shifted that cursing is a form of practice, they are but stepping stones to more proficiency.

When I cursed a rageaholic co-worker, he clearly had trouble being physically close to me and looked a bit dazed and in pain. A couple days later, with out me asking, he told me that the pain meds from the doctor aren’t working. When I asked what happened, he said that the other day his head suddenly felt like it was on fire and nothing he took could help.

I was shocked and deeply embarrassed. I knew my curses worked, but I didn’t know they could linger. I was embarrassed because it was a knee-jerk reaction. Getting that angry is truly a loss of control on my part. I don’t like loosing control, not like that, and especially not to the point of cursing from a knee-jerk reaction.

My co-worker’s complaint of his head feeling like it was on fire made sense. The curse involved setting his mind on fire. Of course as soon as I discovered that the curse lingered, I quickly dissipated it.

Please believe me, I don’t feel like a powerful magician in disclosing this. This is my expression of humility. As a wise magician here told me, if your doing something out of anger, you’re out of control. Being out of control and doing magick is not a characteristic of a powerful magician. That is all so true.

I simply pushed I’ll intent and used psy balls full of hate against a couple of co-workers who are roommates and today one of them quit leaving the other guy to handle the bills on his own.The co-worker that quit is being forced to move back into his parents house and the other guy who posed as my friend but talked shit behind my back is about to start graveling at my feet for advice…muthafuckas…

They become nice because on a subconscious level they know it came from you. It’s a natural response and a defense mechanism. Call it the will to survive, even it they don’t know it on the surface.

Thanks Andreeje for confirming the (odd) theory.

I second the notion to thank andreeje.
My targets have been nicer to me but how should I act towards them?
One of my targets is a higher up at my work that I have to work along side with everyday.
I can’t be an asshole to her because I’ll lose my job.

How should I go about our relationship?

So far it’s been kind of a fake 2 faced friendship.

Don’t be an asshole, just keep it a business as usual kind of thing. You don’t go to work to make friends.

I have had a person saying “I want to die, fuck my life, etc” and having outrageous anger issues breaking keyboards and other things. They also have been getting into fights. The most recent one ruined their shoulders so they can no longer work out. All working up to the grand finale I suppose. Certainly does seem like a cat playing with its prey.

Edit: Also one other time the person just suddenly dropped dead, the doctor had no idea what happened. It might have to do with the entities you work with that determines the behavioural effects of curses.

Michael Smith,
May I ask what method you used make the person drop dead like that?

I originally cursed the target around 5 months ago. 2 months ago as I was working through Necromantic Sorcery I thought it would be appropriate to use Azrael, a god of death, to revoke his pass to keep living. The target dropped dead 1 month later. The original spirit I used for the curse was either Marbas or Samael, I’d have to check my journal. Keep in mind I had already established a saturnian hotspot at the back of my skull, I am not sure if this is required though.